Get Gone for Free

I’m keeping my word. I said I’d be back to tell you about more of Adam Light’s books and I’m here with some great news.

GONE is free to download from Amazon from Jan. 7th thru Jan 11th.. Go here to get yours.





Greg awakens with a sense of urgency. A quick glance at his clock confirms it. He’s overslept and it’ll be a mad dash to get to work on time. He forgoes breakfast, figuring he’ll grab a java at Starbucks and throws on the cleanest clothes he can find.

He spots one of his shoes but for the life of him, can’t find the other. Where is it? With no time to search any longer, he throws on a dirty pair of tennis shoes and heads out the door.

A quick glance at his living room gives him a sense that it’s different, empty somehow.

Traffic isn’t too bad until he gets close to Starbucks. Cars are lined up around the block. A huge SUV gives up its spot and he squeezes into line.

Crushing pain seizes his chest. Oh God, not a heart attack. As the pain subsides and leaves completely he has to give up his place in line or he’ll be late for work.

Just a few minutes late, he sneaks to his desk while no ones paying attention. Before he knows it, it’s time for lunch. How could that be?

Why the feelings of dread, the panic attacks, the missing time? What is it about today?

While not as polished as his later works, I still had a great time reading Gone, Adam’s first published book.

The suspense builds, you feel Greg’s confusion and panic, and then the twist is revealed.

Anyone who likes short stories with a feel of The Dark Side or The Twilight Zone will like this.

About Adam Light and where to find him.

I have spent the better part of my life in northeast Florida, but I was born in West Virginia. I was consumed at an early age by an unquenchable thirst for the written word. Words, in general, when I think about it.

I was a quiet bookish kid, but after moving down south I grew into a wild and rebellious teenager. I grew my hair long, became enthralled with heavy metal music, and all the rest.

I’ve mellowed somewhat, but I love life, I love my family, and I love to write stories. I have a mad passion for it.

I am proud of the stories I have written and sincerely hope that readers like myself have enjoyed reading them as much as , and plan to continue tapping away at this keyboard until my fingers won’t move anymore.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my madness so far; I look forward to sharing much more of my mind’s crazy ride with you.



To purchase Adam’s books, click on the covers.

Books written with Evans Light


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