Help Me Catch Another Art Thief!

-L. Vera

I look at a lot of books, so it’s no surprise that I find covers that look remotely similar or uses images that were stolen, usually off of (from now on will be referred to as dA). Since I frequent dA and Amazon many become apparent.

Usually I let the author know first. I’ll send them a link to the original image and tell them that they shouldn’t be taking an image without permission. The best retort would be to simply tell me they have permission, but guilt must set in and they usually comply. Which in many cases they play stupid or blame someone else.

The truth is, it’s not really my fight. And if anyone said “Screw you!” the only thing I can do track the down the artist and put it into their hands. Many times I find myself apathetic about it, especially since I’ve been busy. I barely have time to keep up with this blog and my writing. I definitely dont have time to track down art thieves.

But there’s one that has been bothering me. One that I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t and now I go searching for it and I can’t find it. I know it’s still out there. It uses the cover of L.L. Bartlett’s novel Murder On The Mind, but the author whites out all the wording. So if you see it let me know.

Remember authors, ask. You see artwork you like online, just ask the artist. The hardest thing is waiting for a reply or just trying to get ahold of them. Of course, I doubt the thief would get permission here to use a cover from one book for his own and perhaps even in this case the photo could be from a stock site. But I remember looking closer at it and actually seeing where the words used to be and seeing the bad photoshop. Anyways, keep an eye out there and remember that artist struggle just as much as us writer and to have anything stolen just sucks.


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  1. Sometimes, as you say, the artwork could look similar because the artist has sold non-exclusive rights to more than one person to use the image, usually through a site like Sometimes the image could be free to use for anyone through somewhere like Wikimedia Commons. Sometimes it’s the publisher’s or the cover designer’s screw up, and the author is honestly oblivious to the theft (it happened to a friend of mine). Sometimes you have two authors with similar covers, and maybe only one of them has the rights to use the image…but how can you be sure which one?
    It sounds like you know your stuff. Anyone else out there thinking of accusing people of theft, though…I’d want to be very certain of my facts before offending people with false or unfair accusations.

    • I agree. I just want to find that book again. It’s driving me crazy that i cant find it now. I use to see it all the time. 🙂 But I remember looking at it and seeing the bad photoshop he did to cover up the words with just a white paint. Either way, Cant do anything till I find it. 🙂

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