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The Monolith is officially Live! “What would you do for one wish?”


The Monolith

Is a new free serial fiction, that I am currently writing. Much like other successful serial pieces of mine there will be a new piece every week.

The new serial fiction has over 20 of my closest fans who submitted an application to actually be in my story. It’s free and should be a very interesting read. Stop by and let me know what you think.

Check it out exclusively on deviantArt here.

via The Monolith is officially Live! “What would you do for one wish?”.

-L . Vera

Got something carnivalesque?

K. A. Laity

Noir Carnival

A call for stories from Fox Spirit Books, publishers of Weird Noir and many more superb volumes.

Dark’s Carnival has already left town, but it’s left a fetid seed behind. There’s a transgressive magic that spooks the carnies and unsettles the freaks. Beyond the barkers and the punters, behind the lights and tents where the macabre and the lost find refuge, there’s a deformity that has nothing to do with skin and bones. Where tragic players strut on a creaking stage, everybody’s going through changes. Jongleurs and musicians huddle in the back. It seems as if every one’s running, but is it toward something—or away?

Carnival: whether you picture it as a traveling fair in the back roads of America or the hedonistic nights of the pre-Lenten festival where masks hide faces while the skin glories in its revelation, it’s about spectacle, artificiality and the things we…

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Help Me Catch Another Art Thief!

-L. Vera

I look at a lot of books, so it’s no surprise that I find covers that look remotely similar or uses images that were stolen, usually off of (from now on will be referred to as dA). Since I frequent dA and Amazon many become apparent.

Usually I let the author know first. I’ll send them a link to the original image and tell them that they shouldn’t be taking an image without permission. The best retort would be to simply tell me they have permission, but guilt must set in and they usually comply. Which in many cases they play stupid or blame someone else.

The truth is, it’s not really my fight. And if anyone said “Screw you!” the only thing I can do track the down the artist and put it into their hands. Many times I find myself apathetic about it, especially since I’ve been busy. I barely have time to keep up with this blog and my writing. I definitely dont have time to track down art thieves.

But there’s one that has been bothering me. One that I’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t and now I go searching for it and I can’t find it. I know it’s still out there. It uses the cover of L.L. Bartlett’s novel Murder On The Mind, but the author whites out all the wording. So if you see it let me know.

Remember authors, ask. You see artwork you like online, just ask the artist. The hardest thing is waiting for a reply or just trying to get ahold of them. Of course, I doubt the thief would get permission here to use a cover from one book for his own and perhaps even in this case the photo could be from a stock site. But I remember looking closer at it and actually seeing where the words used to be and seeing the bad photoshop. Anyways, keep an eye out there and remember that artist struggle just as much as us writer and to have anything stolen just sucks.


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Since Tomorrow by Morgan Nyberg

Since Tomorrow

by Morgan Nyberg


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There’s something in the water!

Delta Legend is so much more than a scary creature story. It’s about second chances, community,new friendships, budding romance, courage, and honor.

There is an inner story that provides vital background for the legend. Kelan has really done a lot of research in order to tell you about this creature and where the events take place. Her descriptions of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta are almost visual.  You can almost feel the sluggish, dark water on your skin and the cold, silty bottom between your toes.

There are many characters that have their parts to play in this book. They are all essential to the plot and add depth, believability and some comic relief.

When Calvin has a brush with the juvenile court system, his mother, Angela, knows she has to do something. After losing her older son Leo to drug and gang violence, she does not want him going down the same path. Her solution is to send Calvin to stay with his great-uncle Samuel for the summer break.  He wants no part of the “cuts”, or back country life and arrives with a big chip on his shoulder.

Samuel was apprehensive about taking in Calvin, but is pleasantly surprised when his great-nephew shows a penchant for machine and engine repair. He proves to be a hard worker and an asset at Samuel’s Marine Repair Shop.

Calvin’s first encounter with Mei Li, a young Chinese farm girl, is confrontational. She sees through his tough guy persona and calls him on it. She is sassy and bold and he wants nothing to do with her.

Samuel takes Calvin into the local cafe and small grocery owned by Frances. It is also where the rental desk for Heron’s Harbor Marina, which her teenage son Jess runs. The locals come there to hang out, have a bite to eat and catch up on the daily news around town. It seems every small town has one of these.

After a little bit of juggling, Calvin and Jess start up a friendship. Mei Li is friends with Jess and includes herself on their outings. It is not hard for the others to notice that Jess has developed an interest in Lauren. She is a nice girl, but hangs with the town bullies. But soon enough Lauren sees them for what they are and joins up with Jess, Calvin and Mei Li.

Good old boys Terry and Neal just want to fish and drink cold beer. They motor to their favorite fishing spot and settle in to catch some dinner when they spot what looks like debris from a boat floating in the water. Seeing what they think is a wig, they hook  it and take a look. What they had on the end of that hook was someone’s face. Their return trip broke records. This is not the only encounter they have with body parts, it seems like they just can’t get a day of fishing in.

It soon becomes obvious that something is preying on the people of the Delta. Something hungry. The fatalities start piling up, and finally even Sheriff Ray Cruz has to accept that there is a deadly creature cruising the waters, killing and eating the unsuspecting .

The mish mash of locals,  along with Calvin and his posse of friends and Sheriff Cruz and bumbling Deputy Burt Watson, unite to combat this evil monster. There are many more characters that I’ve not mentioned, each one adding flavor and dimension to the story.  Kelan has the ability to weave them in without confusing you or slowing down your reading enjoyment. No flipping back and forth to see who’s who.

I particularly liked her characterization of Joe, Tak and Samuel. I smilingly think of them as the Over the Hill Gang.

There are a few surprises, you think something has been left out, but then Kelan slips it in effortlessly, providing all of the answers.

And I can’t wait for you to read the great “Oh No!” ending.

If you are looking for a unique monster story with lots of action, adventure and scares, I recommend you get Delta Legend and get reading.

I loved this book and decided not to do a STAR rating. It deserves much more than 5 STARS.

Exciting News!

Kelan is getting ready to release Delta Legend in print. That’s right. Soon you’ll be able to turn the pages.

You can find Kelan here:

AKAQ’s First Anthology: Let’s discuss

First of all, this year is going to be a busy one. In this month alone I’m going through lots of personal changes and they are all very significant, life changing type changes. Writing-wise I have huge plans, both for my own endeavors and for this blog here. The most important is an anthology.

Right now? I would love to just hear input from any writer, any reader, or just anyone who frequents this blog.

When and if I get this going these conditions wont change:

1) Genre: Speculative fiction, crime, noir, horror and sci fi. Pretty much any pulp type material.

2) Cheap and nonprofitable: Depending on the amount of authors I’d like to keep the ebook under $3 and over 99 cents. All profit will go towards the AKAQ website, which includes upgrades, access to more images (Which this website lacks, except for book covers. We have tons of those thanks to Amazon.) and other website related costs.

3) Availability in Amazon. Others are up for debate.

Now, these are topics I would like to discuss:

1) Submission length. Maybe flash/poems in-between stories.

2) Help. I would like either someone who wants to help editing or perhaps some beta readers. I personally like using the writers to go through the whole book, but surprisingly I feel like I’m the only one that ever does it and I feel like I’m bothering the editor, even though I want the whole book, which has my story in it, to be as polished as possible.

3) Covers: I have some ideas already maybe using the image we currently have on our frontpage.

4) A physical book: I once sold pre-orders to my first book and found how successful it was. But after that found almost no sales through After that I moved over to Amazon and found a way better and pleasant market. I would like to sale pre-orders through again. It’s cheap, I can drop the price to $5 bucks and still make the donation worth it. After all the primary point is to get writer’s work out there and the website’s funds are, if anything, not important at all.

5) Do you want in? I want to include at least 20 authors, and I think I can easily get pieces from the usual bunch around here. I think I plan to send some invites first and then open it up to submissions. This way I could get some bigger names mixed with some new talent.

So discuss, I love a good online discussion. 🙂

-L. Vera

CrimeFest’s Flashbang

CrimeFest’s Flashbang.

via CrimeFest's Flashbang.

Gotta be in it to win it!

They are endless.

The Dark Horde

by Brewin’

The Dark Horde

Part thriller, part crime-fiction, all supernatural horror, The Dark Horde tells of the return of an ancient evil that is neither stoppable nor comprehensible…

From the opening page to the horror driven end, this story had me riveted.

Howqua Hills is under siege by something. Monster, demon, alien, or creature from another dimension, who knows? They have been waiting, but no more. Out of the shadows they come, the Dark Horde.  Hungry for flesh, they thrill to feel our terror and revel in our pain. Want a taste?

“The beast had an acute sense of smell, enabling it to smell the raw terror in the sweat of its quarry. The smell of this human was strong, indulging its senses with delectable wafts. Hungry for the kill, it gripped the wooden handle of the trap door and slowly teased it open. The shrieking cry of its hinges rang out, enhancing the fear of the cornered prey…It entered, scraping its clawed feet across each wooden step with calculated intent to terrify… Two down, one to go.”

The action is intense and relentless and the creatures are absolutely terrifying. Want a bit more?

“It glared at them with red, hate-filled eyes the shape of swollen slits as its bloodied snout curled to reveal a chaotic array of sharpened teeth. It grinned.”

Able to manipulate our minds, they invade our dreams with heart-stopping nightmares. I was worried they would invade my dreams. I read this book in one sitting and finished in the wee hours. Maybe it was because I was sleep deprived, but I didn’t remember dreaming. However, there are many more nights to come.

Brewin’ is a master at making you afraid of the dark. I suggest you sleep with a flashlight

“…..Come Dark Horde, remember, and once more be!

We are as one, as many are we,

Become one, once more be.

We are as one, as many are we,

Become one, once more be…”

About Brewin’

Brewin’ knew he wanted to be a writer when he was only seven and that has shaped his life. A gift from his brothers of a Role Playing Game Book was a pivotal moment in his life. Game books(along with role-playing games) made him the writer he is today. The last third of his first published novel, Evermore: An Introduction, is a choose-your-own-adventure and his second novel, The Dark Horde, has one of the characters from Evermore in it. For more about Brewin’ and his work visit:

You can purchase your copy by clicking on the image below.

Beware the Night!

Night of the Chupacabra

The Chupacabra Series – Book One

Night of the Chupacabra

Author:  Michael Hebler

Style:  Anthology

Theme:  Dark Fantasy / Thriller / Western

Length:  300 pages (print) / 68,000 words

Binding:  Perfect bound & digital (.mobi, .epub, .pdf, .rtf, .lrf, .pdb

I’m thrilled to be able to tell you about this brand new release!

The men huddle around the campfire. The glow from the flames reflects on their faces. A friendly game of poker between the two brothers is interrupted by little Jessica, Drake‘s daughter.  Gavin grins, knowing Drake still can’t figure out how she is sneaking out of the wagon.

Fearing Lucy’s wrath, Drake tucks Jessica back in bed and then stops to talk with his wife. That’s when it starts. The animals are an early warning. They jerk loose and tear off into the desert. Then an unholy roar comes from one of the wagons, soon accompanied by screams of terror.

The brothers race to get their guns, but before they can reach the wagon, something too fast to follow leaps from one wagon to the next and the screaming starts again. The chupacabra easily leaps from wagon to wagon, killing in a blood lust. All goes quite.

Then they get their first look at the creature. It’s the size of a man, but there the resemblance ends. It’s covered in brown fur, it’s spiked tail flicks back and forth, it’s red eyes glow, and it’s stench can be smelled from across the fire.

Then it leaps into Drake’s wagan. He dives in after it. The wagon shakes, rocks and bursts into  flames. The creature bursts forth, engulfed in flames, and runs right into Gavin, pinning him to the ground. Gavin is being burned alive.

Impossibly, the thing is alive and leaps up to run off into the darkness, leaving Gavin mortally wounded. Lucy runs away into the night, driven hysterical by the loss of her daughter.

All this Drake sees as he lies helpless on the ground, horribly burned.

I can’t believe this all takes place at the beginning of the book. From the first sentence, you get to meet the Chupacabra and by the second chapter, he gets up close and personal.

If this story didn’t take place in western days, say it took place now, I still don’t know what could have been done. The thing is just too fast.

Drake did survive the attack. He’s horribly disfigured, his face a fright to gaze upon. He  has traveled from dusty town to dusty town looking for his Lucy. Each time he thinks he’s found her, it’s a false lead.Then he enters Dillmore Valley, A Fine Community. A strange welcome as the town is hidden in a valley, away from view.

He’s not alone. Something has followed him. He doesn’t want it dead. It has it’s uses.

I just can’t resist this kind of tale. I love scary stories of creatures in the night. I have for as long as I can remember.

Michael Hebler is a fine writer. I can feel the heat of the flames, smell the reek of the Chupacabra, and taste the dust of the trail in my mouth.

When Drake rides into Dillmore Valley it reminded me of Clint Eastwood appearing out of the desert and riding into town in the movie High Plains Drifter. Drake has that same aurora around him. No one in their right mind would mess with him, it’s better to avoid his attention.

I can’t tell you a whole lot about the characters as it would reveal too much of the plot. What I can tell you is they are a diverse lot, just like any small town. You have your nosy parkers, the town drunk, the belligerent bully and then you have the ladies. Each character brings a genuineness to the story, keeping you engrossed and curious. I love character driven stories.

Of course, let’s not forget the Chupacabra. He is something else! You don’t just get a little bit of him here and there. He is very busy, rending, ripping and terrorizing throughout the book.

Okay. I’ll stop here. I could ramble on and on, but then I’d be telling everything. I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Michael Hebler gave me more than I ever expected. I’m thrilled to know he is making this a series. It will be interesting to see where it goes next.


Michael Hebler was raised and lived all of his life in beautiful Southern California.  He spent a handful of years as an international film publicist before guiding his career path towards writing.  To date, Hebler’s previous published works include, “The Night After Christmas,” a timeless holiday picture book for believers of all ages, and the free Chupacabra Series short story, “Hunt for the Chupacabra“.  In addition to writing his series of chupacabra thrillers, Hebler also runs a blog, “My Little Obsessions” where he likes to muse about what distractions life has to offer.







You can purchase all of Michael Hebler’s books by clicking on the images below.