We are looking for writers who can post 2-3 month. Of course we really want someone who can post every other day with relevant writing topics that cover the fiction genres of thrillers, horrors and speculative fiction. We also want people who can help share articles through Facebook or Twitter so high followers counts also help.

Please email me at

With the following:
1) A sample article. Between 100-500 words. Any stolen content (images and words) will not be tolerated.
2) Twitter and Facebook accounts, with a tweet and a post with anything from the blog.(So that we have proof it’s your account.)
3) A bio and where we could find anything you have written. (optional, but useful for myself.)


The Wall:
“The Wall” is our collection of stories shorter than 1000 words. I want strange and interesting. I usually respond with notes if it is rejected and will gladly accept re-writes. No Multiple Submissions. Reprints are welcomed.


No racist, sexist or erotic work is accepted.

One space between sentences please.

No long backstory. I will simply not read if I’m not hooked within seconds of starting the story.

I want to eventually give out mobi copies so people can read on there kindles. Even though it isn’t a requirement, if you have a mobi copy, please include it. Email



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  2. Hi. I’m interested in submitting a sample article but before I do I just wanted to ask. Is it essential to submit facebook/twitter information as I don’t really use either. I have a goodreads account which I regularly use. I am a teacher of English, Masters graduate in English Literature and writer of whatever comes into my head!


    • Include what you have in social media. If we do decide to have you on board, we’d love it if you’d give at least twitter a try. 🙂

      • Great. Thanks!

      • I’ve been reading through your blog. What kind of stuff would to like to write for us? Reviews, interviews, writing articles?

      • Cool, anything really… probably more reviews/articles as I don’t know who I’d interview really! Probably would be able to do share 3-5 per month.

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