Review: Kick It Together

Kick It Together: Ten Tight Crime Tales
by McDroll


KICK IT TOGETHER is McDroll’s 10 original crime/noir stories now together in one amazing edition!  Read about Gemma Dixon, the young CID officer who doesn’t stand for any nonsense from her male colleagues and can kick and punch her way out of any difficult situation. “Drowning” tells the story of a support for learning teacher who comes to the end of the road in more than one sense. McDroll writes about people on the edge, struggling to survive against the odds and the momentous decisions they have to take to survive.

Review: Just as the description captures, this is a group of ten taught crime tales of people pushed just a little too far. Violence often erupts without apparent warning to many of the people involved, but readers can see the build up of frustration and desperation before the top blows off. These are stories for hard times. Hard candy for readers who have soured on sugary stuff. My only complaint is that they’re all too brief: I’d love to see a longform story about DC Dixon or know what happens next to the desperate young mother Cora. Well worth a read and you can’t beat the price. McDroll is also one of the writers featured in Burning Bridges: A Renegade Anthology (as am I to give a full disclosure).



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