Review: The Walking Dead Book 1

The Walking Dead Book 1 by Robert Kirkman

Reviewed by L. Vera

If you watch the show, then you’ll know a bit about this book. Of course, things are far from the tv series. Many twist and devices show are here but there also many that are absent. So let’s just forget the show and look at this on a clean plate.

I actually had the pleasure to read the first comic years ago. It kicks off great, a lone man navigating out a hospital and into the world. Months have already gone by and he’s wandering out into this world with no help. He is a cop so we need to assume he does have many skills that help and that’s basically what this character is. Rick, is the leader, yet the group doesn’t know it yet because he has yet to find them.

The book takes a look at Rick finding a group of people and helping them through many issues. He’s brave and strong, and that’s what this group needs. Someone to make those decisions. Just get prepared to see characters die. At least 50% of the characters will be gone by the end of the book. I really feel like Robert Kirkman follows that formula over all the collected books.

Here you’ll read 12 of the comics collected together and it’s well worth it. It’s a hardback yet it feels a little flimsy and cheap. They won’t win any prizes for the binding or cover, but inside you’ll find sketches, lost ideas and other little tid bits, including the Christmas comic with Morgan and Duane Jones. The artwork strong and clean. Maybe being in black and white just naturally feels clean, but that’s okay. I do feel the later books aren’t as crisp as the one. It’s like they got sloppy over time, but this one is a milestone for any comic/zombie fan.

Overall it’s a great read. I have already continued onto the next book and plan on eventually reading all the books out there, and I think if you love zombies and comics then it’s a no brainer, buy this book.

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  1. I read issue 100 yesterday. His love for killing off people shows no sign of abating.

  2. I don’t like horrors or zombie’s and until January of this year I had never read a graphic novel. All the hype about the TV show made me select Walking Dead as one of my first graphic novel reads. I liked the authors concept of what he wanted to produce and represent in this medium. I still haven’t watched the TV show but I have read all 16 of the graphic novels and LOVED every single one of them.

    • I ell like the tv show, even though they kinda keep some elements from the graphic novels, is like a different concept. It could be the the form of media, creating different perspectives and such, but the show is really a different entity. My favorite character on the show isn’t even in the books, crazy right. 🙂

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