“Women Horror Writer’s Anthology” Men Need Not Apply

Publication: Dark Moon Books

Theme: “Women Horror Writers.”

Word count: 1500-6,000

Genre: Horror.

Multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions gladly acceptance.

No Reprints.

Due: June 30th, 2012

Payment: Pays 20 dollars and one contributor copy.

Men need not apply. Is there ever a men only type anthology? Doubt it. 🙂 That’ll be sexist. Lame-o.



  1. There are an awful lot that end up disproportionately that way. Horror has some of the most egregious sexism in anthologies.

    • Yeah and men writers just suck at writing women characters. They always feel dettached or are used like jewelry, just for show.

  2. That and us men just simply cannot fathom the depths of evil within a womans mind…. Seriously, an ex of mine listed some brilliant ways to kill a man if they cheated on her, shit that put the SAW series in the same category as carebears…

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