AKAQ’s First Anthology: Let’s discuss

First of all, this year is going to be a busy one. In this month alone I’m going through lots of personal changes and they are all very significant, life changing type changes. Writing-wise I have huge plans, both for my own endeavors and for this blog here. The most important is an anthology.

Right now? I would love to just hear input from any writer, any reader, or just anyone who frequents this blog.

When and if I get this going these conditions wont change:

1) Genre: Speculative fiction, crime, noir, horror and sci fi. Pretty much any pulp type material.

2) Cheap and nonprofitable: Depending on the amount of authors I’d like to keep the ebook under $3 and over 99 cents. All profit will go towards the AKAQ website, which includes upgrades, access to more images (Which this website lacks, except for book covers. We have tons of those thanks to Amazon.) and other website related costs.

3) Availability in Amazon. Others are up for debate.

Now, these are topics I would like to discuss:

1) Submission length. Maybe flash/poems in-between stories.

2) Help. I would like either someone who wants to help editing or perhaps some beta readers. I personally like using the writers to go through the whole book, but surprisingly I feel like I’m the only one that ever does it and I feel like I’m bothering the editor, even though I want the whole book, which has my story in it, to be as polished as possible.

3) Covers: I have some ideas already maybe using the image we currently have on our frontpage.

4) A physical book: I once sold pre-orders to my first book and found how successful it was. But after that found almost no sales through lulu.com After that I moved over to Amazon and found a way better and pleasant market. I would like to sale pre-orders through lulu.com again. It’s cheap, I can drop the price to $5 bucks and still make the donation worth it. After all the primary point is to get writer’s work out there and the website’s funds are, if anything, not important at all.

5) Do you want in? I want to include at least 20 authors, and I think I can easily get pieces from the usual bunch around here. I think I plan to send some invites first and then open it up to submissions. This way I could get some bigger names mixed with some new talent.

So discuss, I love a good online discussion. 🙂

-L. Vera


Halloween Season For Horror Writers: The List Of Who’s Accepting

Well it’s that time again. Halloween is around the corner and publications love to get horror anthologies, stories, and novels out before and around the Halloween season. So here’s a quick rundown of places that are accepting.

Less than 4000 word

AKAQ Deadline: Oct. 10th

Arcane 2 Deadline: Sept. 30th

ATOMIC AGE CTHULHU Deadline: Oct 1st

Blood and Roses Deadline: Oct 31st

Brief Grislys Deadline: unknown

Dead North Deadline: Sept 30th

Paranormal Horror – an anthology Deadline: unknown

Grave Robbers Deadline: unknown

Tortured Souls Vol. 1 Deadline: Sept 30th

Year’s End Deadline: Oct 15th

Zombie Lockdown Deadline: Oct. 30th

Zombies VS Werewolves Deadline: Sept. 15th

4000+ word

Bellows of the Bone Box Deadline: (steampunk horror)Sept 17th

Dark Visions Deadline: Dec 21st

Mental Ward: Stories from the Asylum Deadline: Oct. 15th

Ten Terrors (anthology series) Deadline: unknown

Urban Occult Weird/Horror Anthology Deadline: Nov. 1st

If you know of any others, let me know. 🙂

-L. Vera

Off The Record 2 – Open For Submissions

Contact: Luca Veste

Theme: Off The Record is themed anthology that follows a certain criteria. The first one was music. Writers used titles of songs to make stories. Now it’s movies. These are the three you can choose from:

American Beauty

Word Count: 750 – 2500

Payment: All proceeds go to Charity.

Deadline: 1st September 2012

No Reprints.

Notes: It’s a great chance to write along side some of indie’s best. I have something I want to toss Luca’s way not sure if it fits. I do think the theme is a bit hard, but think of it as the title not the world. So technically anything with a ghost could be titled “Ghost”. I do feel like there should be some kind of inspiration from that world.

-L. Vera

Death Head Grin Looking For Submissions

Publication: Death Head Grin

Theme: Horror


Flash fiction – 1000 words or less.
Short stories – 1001 to 7000 words.

Reprints: Accepted

Multiple Submissions: Two at the most.

Payment: Exposure only

Notes: If you want publishing credits this is a great place to start. I have two pieces published by them and actually looking back I have a 100% acceptance with them. I usually toss a story that I can’t publish anywhere else. They are also slowing growing, breaking into publishing and raising money for other efforts. Got something old or a reprint that you want more exposure to, send it to Larry at Death Head Grin.

Btw, we are also looking for horror pieces here at AKAQ for Halloween. So it wouldn’t hurt to submit them to us and them.

-L. Vera

Call for Stories: Year’s End

From Untreed Reads:

Some people are sorry to see a year go by. Great things happened, vacations were taken, memories were made.

Of course…not EVERY year is necessarily a good one. And, sometimes, New Year’s Eve can be the scariest holiday of them all. Forced to relive awkward moments, breakups…and sometimes something a little more sinister. A new year doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a GOOD year.

A lot of people die on New Year’s Eve. Many of them happen in traffic accidents. But what about the others? What about the unusual deaths? Could there be a supernatural reason why people don’t make it to a new year? Some force at work determined to thin the herd before the clock ticks over to 12:01?

Untreed Reads is pleased to announce a call for submissions for a new horror short story anthology we’re calling Year’s End. Come tell us your scariest story about New Year’s Eve. Happy endings are not necessary. Heck, the more horrific and unhappy the better. Here’s the rules:

1. All stories must be between 1500-5000 words.
2. Deadline for submission for consideration is October 15th, 2012. This is a firm date; no submissions after this date will be considered.
3. All submissions should be sent to Jay Hartman at jhartman@untreedreads.com with the words NEW YEARS in the subject line.
4. Your story CANNOT take place on New Year’s Day. The ending may take you there, but the bulk of the story MUST happen on New Year’s Eve.
5. Submissions must be in DOC, RTF or ODT format.
6. We will not be publishing the stories individually. Only the anthology will be available.
7. Authors will receive royalty, but not upfront payment. Authors will each receive a share of royalties of 50% of net (net = cover price – vendor commission) based on the number of authors in the final anthology.
8. Characters appearing in other Untreed Reads series or other series not published by us are strongly encouraged. Please check your contract with your publisher to make sure you may legally do so.
9. Your story MUST have a strong horror element to it. Any genre of horror is fine. Preference is to psychological horror rather than gore.
10. Stories not accepted for the anthology may be still be considered for other publication.
11. Previously published works are fine providing that electronic rights have reverted to the author and the story is not currently offered for free anywhere on the Internet or currently published through a self-publishing venue (i.e.: Smashwords, Amazon KDP, etc.).
12. There are no restrictions whatsoever on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, etc in the work.. Just tell us a great story!

Please direct any questions to Jay Hartman at jhartman@untreedreads.com. We recommend looking at any of the followingfor an idea of the types of stories we’re looking for: Joshua Calkins-Treworgy’s Roads Through Amelia series, Benson Phillip Lott’s Pumpkin series or any of the horror works by Rick R. Reed.

All decisions on material will be made by November 1st, 2012. Every attempt will be made to notify all authors of the status of their submission at that time. Please do not inquire about status prior to November 1st, 2012.

This anthology has an expected publication date of December 15th.

This is an open call, and may be reposted anywhere and everywhere.

[h/t Paul D. Brazill]

Rune Wright Looking for Steampunk Submissions

Publication: Rune Wright

Theme: Steampunk

Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy

Style: Open

Length: 2,000 ~ 11,500 words

Submission Deadline: November 30th, 2012

Publication Date:  March, 2013

Notes: I pretty much copied and paste this from their website, since this is pretty bare bones structure of what they need. I just left out where to submit. So check out the page before you send anything. Duotrope also states they pay token payment for their pieces, which is 1 cent a word.

Wicked East Press Looking For Submissions for Three Anthologies

Publisher: Wicked East Press

They have three different anthologies, of course if you go to their page you’ll see six. Three of them has deadlines that passed. Also, they have different requirements so pay attention to which one you want to submit to.


Fresh Ground-Coffee House Flash Fiction Volume 3

Theme: Flash Fiction for everyone.

word count: 500-1500

Payment: exposure only

Deadline: Aug. 31, 2012


“Down The Rabbit Hole” –Tales of slipping into new worlds

Theme: Journey into another world.

word count: 3500-7000

payment: $5 flat rate, $1 every 1000 over 5000.

Deadline: July 31, 2012


Hidden In The Basement

Theme: General Horror

word count: 3000-6000

payment: $1 every 1000 words.

No reprints.

Deadline: Oct. 30, 2012
-L. Vera

Lamplight (A Horror Quarterly) Looking For Submissions ($150 a short)

Publication: Lamplight Magazine

Themes: Horror, Dark Speculative Fiction and Noir

Length: Flash is less than a 1000. Short Stories need to be 2000 or more.

Simultaneous submission are fine. No multiple submissions.

Pay: Flat rate of $150 a short, $50 for flash fiction

Notes: Again, this is another new publication. The pay seems too amazing to pass up. Toss something their way and see what happens.


Wicked Industries Looking For Submissions

Publication: Wicked Industries

Theme: Action and Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Horror

Word Count: up to 5000

Pay scale: $5 per short story

Notes: No mention of multiple submission or reprints. It’s always good nature to mention if it’s been reprinted. They also have incredible response time. They claim they respond within 2-3 days. I’ll definitely be throwing a short or two their way, especially since I can quickly submit the story elsewhere if it gets rejected. It’s also new, their first anthology will be out July 9th.

-L. Vera

Static Movement Looking For Lots Of Submissions

Check out this huge list of anthologies, looking for writers to fill them.

They have lots of anthologies looking for submissions. It’s non-paying but they have a lot of interesting themes in each anthology. I recently submitted a reprint to them to their “The End” anthology, which they gladly accept along with simultaneous submissions. It’s a little weird navigating the forums, but it’s worth it.

-L. Vera