Uriah Wolf’s Covenant White

The first book in the Covenant series from Uriah Wolf

About the Book:

In the tail end of the twenty first century, in the city of Los Angeles, vigilantes were nothing new. So called super heroes had successfully crawled off the covers of comic books and climbed down from the big screen. With the help of a beleaguered government, everyday people and creatures of myth and lore mingled and created an age of legalized vigilantism. But those days are over, and so are the days of The Covenant, the first and only super hero, super group, five individuals who rode a wave of media excitement about vigilantism for over a decade, only to wake up one day and realize that although the city still needed them, the city didn’t want them anymore. What happens when your allies become your enemies? What happens when you find yourself hunted and alone in the city of angels?

Where you can see more:

Grabbed the ebook here.

For the print book visit CreateSpace.

For more information on the Author visit here.

Uriah Wolf is a writer/storyteller who currently lives in Riverside California. His hobbies include golden age piracy reenactment and medieval combat reenactment. Uriah is an avid pen and paper role-player and an all around comic geek.

In the authors words “During the course of writing my sci-fi series Covenant and my new fantasy series Etaxia, I have come to the slow realization that writing dark and adult fiction is truly in my blood and that I have found my calling”.

-L. Vera


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