A Serial Killer’s Unraveling

Serial killers are a morbid curiosity for many people. The most often asked question is, “Why are they the way they are?”

Ted Bundy, one of America’s most infamous serial killers, was asked this question by Dr. Robert D. Keppel, the man who took his confession, and by Anne Rule, the true crime author who knew Bundy personally.

His answer, “It’s just the way I am. It is what I do,” only raises more questions. There are no real answers to be had.

Obsessed, by Rick R. Reed, is the story of serial killer Joe MacAree.

Like a lot of psychopaths, Joe has a successful job, is happily married, and is well-respected and liked by many. No one would suspect the twisted, dark compulsion that drives him to kill again and again. Everyone has heard the comment, “He was such a nice guy, I never would have believed it.”

He wants to stop. Each kill puts him at risk of being caught. His fear of exposure is well founded.

When Randy Mazursky discovers his pregnant wife’s mutilated body, he disconnects from reality and becomes consumed with vengeance. If he can figure out the connection between the killer and evidence that was left behind, there will be no mercy.

Bad luck or Karma comes calling on Joe. It was only a matter of time. His wife knows something is wrong and begins to question his absences.

Then there’s Pat Young. Wheelchair bound and a recluse, Pat lives across the street from Joe’s latest victim and witnesses his exit from the crime scene. She now knows who he is and puts the screws to him. Now he is no longer in control.

Joe starts to unravel. He can no longer govern his evil urges.

At risk of losing his job, his wife, his freedom and his sanity, if he ever really was sane, Joe starts to lose it. He is not in control of his sick, driven needs any more. The noose is tightening around his neck and he begins to crack under the pressure.

Obsessed is psychological horror at it’s best. Told from the killer’s point of view, I sometimes found myself feeling sorry for Joe as this pressure-cooker builds and builds and finally boils over. I felt his desperation. Several times I thought to myself, “Wait a minute, this is a sadistic serial killer we’re talking about!”  The author had me so caught up in Joe’s plight, I had to stop and remind myself of just what he was, the bad guy.

If that was the author’s intent, it was very successful.

Read Obsessed, meet Joe, and see into the dark, convoluted mind of a serial killer. Experience his hideous past and discover what drives him to kill.

An excellent, brilliantly executed thriller.

Rick R. Reed is the author of dozens of published novels, novellas and short stories ranging from suspense/mystery to thrillers, horror, paranormal, romance and gay/lesbian. He is a two-time EPIC e-book Award winner (for Orientation and Blue Moon Cafe).  Lambda Literary Review has called him, ” a writer that doesn’t disappoint.”

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Call for Stories: Year’s End

From Untreed Reads:

Some people are sorry to see a year go by. Great things happened, vacations were taken, memories were made.

Of course…not EVERY year is necessarily a good one. And, sometimes, New Year’s Eve can be the scariest holiday of them all. Forced to relive awkward moments, breakups…and sometimes something a little more sinister. A new year doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a GOOD year.

A lot of people die on New Year’s Eve. Many of them happen in traffic accidents. But what about the others? What about the unusual deaths? Could there be a supernatural reason why people don’t make it to a new year? Some force at work determined to thin the herd before the clock ticks over to 12:01?

Untreed Reads is pleased to announce a call for submissions for a new horror short story anthology we’re calling Year’s End. Come tell us your scariest story about New Year’s Eve. Happy endings are not necessary. Heck, the more horrific and unhappy the better. Here’s the rules:

1. All stories must be between 1500-5000 words.
2. Deadline for submission for consideration is October 15th, 2012. This is a firm date; no submissions after this date will be considered.
3. All submissions should be sent to Jay Hartman at jhartman@untreedreads.com with the words NEW YEARS in the subject line.
4. Your story CANNOT take place on New Year’s Day. The ending may take you there, but the bulk of the story MUST happen on New Year’s Eve.
5. Submissions must be in DOC, RTF or ODT format.
6. We will not be publishing the stories individually. Only the anthology will be available.
7. Authors will receive royalty, but not upfront payment. Authors will each receive a share of royalties of 50% of net (net = cover price – vendor commission) based on the number of authors in the final anthology.
8. Characters appearing in other Untreed Reads series or other series not published by us are strongly encouraged. Please check your contract with your publisher to make sure you may legally do so.
9. Your story MUST have a strong horror element to it. Any genre of horror is fine. Preference is to psychological horror rather than gore.
10. Stories not accepted for the anthology may be still be considered for other publication.
11. Previously published works are fine providing that electronic rights have reverted to the author and the story is not currently offered for free anywhere on the Internet or currently published through a self-publishing venue (i.e.: Smashwords, Amazon KDP, etc.).
12. There are no restrictions whatsoever on age, race, sex, sexual orientation, etc in the work.. Just tell us a great story!

Please direct any questions to Jay Hartman at jhartman@untreedreads.com. We recommend looking at any of the followingfor an idea of the types of stories we’re looking for: Joshua Calkins-Treworgy’s Roads Through Amelia series, Benson Phillip Lott’s Pumpkin series or any of the horror works by Rick R. Reed.

All decisions on material will be made by November 1st, 2012. Every attempt will be made to notify all authors of the status of their submission at that time. Please do not inquire about status prior to November 1st, 2012.

This anthology has an expected publication date of December 15th.

This is an open call, and may be reposted anywhere and everywhere.

[h/t Paul D. Brazill]