Like a Writer Possessed

Whatever Possessed You? by Evans Light

Struggling author Gerard Faust never thought his trip to the book store would go down the way it did. He’s approached by a scruffy young man asking for his help. The man hands him a scrap of old parchment and tells him to read it. It’s in a language unknown to Gerard and he politely declines, but the man insists it’s to be read aloud. That’s the only way it could be understood. So Gerard reads it aloud.  Maazo Maazo…

Gerard feels something enter him, nestling deep inside. The stranger runs off and Gerard writes him off as disturbed, feeling surprisingly good after the odd encounter.

Now he’s writing like a man obsessed, or possessed. He types until his fingers ache, with no memory of what he’s written. Are the words even his own?

He has stopped taking care of himself, neglects his supportive wife and young daughter,  and is experiencing missing time. Something has control of his mind and body.

He may be writing that coveted “best seller”, but what is he writing?

I love stories about authors. Even in fiction I love to hear about their thoughts and writing processes. I just hope this story is all fiction. Wouldn’t want to pick up a book and run into this problem.

I enjoy stories that start off innocently and slowly pull you into the abyss. This book gets darker and darker and I feel sorry for Gerard. You hope it won’t end badly for him, but it’s probably not in the cards with a last name like Faust.

Like a relentless,suspense? I recommend you get Whatever Possessed You? and  ride the ride.

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I was browsing on Amazon and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just reviewed Women and Other Monsters by Bernard Schaffer. It is a collection of short stories. One of the stories was part of a larger work, Codename: Omega.  Well, what appears before me? The complete collection of Codename: Omega. And what else? It is free right now. What a coincidence.

“Is Omega here?” Amelie asked.  
Donovan held the office door open for her.   “Right downstairs.” 
She shivered slightly and took a deep breath.  “I cannot wait.”  
“Listen.  He just came back from a bad break overseas and he might be agitated.  Stay behind a little until I get him settled.” 
“Oui, Director.  Thank you again for having me.  I admire what you have done in such a short time, considering.” 
“Well, the spy business has always been so beneath you Americans.  ‘We do not read other people’s mail,’ no?  And now, you are the same as the rest of us.” 
Donovan smirked and said, “Maybe not exactly the same.”   
“Ah, this is true,” Amelie said.  “Even MI-6 does not have anyone like Omega.” 
“That’s because there is no else like him,” Donovan said.  “Trust me, I’ve looked.” 
Codename: Omega is the story of unstoppable superweapon, Sean Price.  He returns from the dead with incredible super powers in his country’s time of greatest need.
As an agent of the OSS, he can teleport behind enemy lines and kill Nazi’s with his bare hands.
As his powers grow and evolve, he comes to be able to do much more.
In the earliest days of Price’s career as an OSS operative, he battles Nazis, Aleister Crowley, and another super-human that will delight fans of WWII Kindle books.
Albert Einstein later teaches him to unlock the mysteries of time travel and go back into Adolph Hitler’s past to attempt to kill him prior to starting WWII.  The only caveat is that Wild Bill Donovan wants him to do it while Hitler is still a child.
Finally, Price ends his career with a new identity, that of an MI-6 agent.  Fans of James Bond Kindle books will instantly recognize this setting, taken from the pages of classic spy novels and spy thrillers as Sean Price travels the world to stop the CIA’s wicked MKUltra plot to contaminate Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine.  Price won’t be alone, as he teams up with a woman named Emily Watson who claims to be descended from some very peculiar prior residents of Baker Street.
Filled with historical intrigue, high-octane action and secret agent fun.  Codename: Omega is a collection of spy thrillers and spy stories that will appeal to readers who love WWII kindle books and James Bond.
I wasted no time in snatching this!  Rest assured, I’ll be reviewing it too.
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A Chiller Thriller

I love it when the cover art for a book compliments the story inside. This is a chilling picture and pretty much says it all.


Description borrowed from Goodreads

A raging snowstorm has stranded Tess and Warren in their mountain home with no power and little heat. When an accident leaves Tess coughing up pools of blood, Warren has no choice but to brave the storm in search of help.

He’s afraid he’ll be too late.

But what he should be afraid of are the creatures slinking through the blizzard and watching his every move.

Always on the lookout for something fresh and unique, I was thrilled when I discovered this story. Horror books have been a part of our culture for a very long time and it is hard to find a book that has an unknown element in it. Daniel Pyle has given us something novel and oh so terrifying in Freeze.

I love a story where the weather plays a contributing role in the action. Tess and Warren are trapped in their cabin with no electricity and just a fireplace to keep them from freezing. When an accident leaves Tess in serious danger of dying, Warren is forced to venture outside and try to reach their neighbors 3 miles away.  What he doesn’t know is that the blizzard has brought something with it. Something unexplainable and hungry.

In the back yard, in a furrow beneath two drifts, the wind blew across a patch of bluish-white snow. Loose powder drifted across the top, but there was only solid ice beneath. The wind gusted, and the ice trembled. A section of ice broke loose from the rest, now less solid looking, almost mushy – and rose into the air. It was long, cylindrical, finger like. Only longer. Tentacle like. The wind blew harder still, and the tentacle curled into a stumpy question mark of a thing.

When the wind died down, the curl of ice stayed where it was for a moment, but then it drooped, twitched, and finally stilled.

Fresh snow fell and hid any signs of movement.

I don’t know about you, but I was hooked by this.  Daniel Pyle’s writing is like a blast of fresh air. His story is fast-paced, his characters are genuine and very engaging, and the story line is realistic. He packs his book full of all the things we horror fans love, an unknown danger, extremely harsh conditions and very descriptive bloody action.

Driven by the suspense, I ate up the words and flew through this. I was thrilled to learn that he has written more stories like this and I will be reading every one of them.

Also by Daniel Pyle