Halloween Season For Horror Writers: The List Of Who’s Accepting

Well it’s that time again. Halloween is around the corner and publications love to get horror anthologies, stories, and novels out before and around the Halloween season. So here’s a quick rundown of places that are accepting.

Less than 4000 word

AKAQ Deadline: Oct. 10th

Arcane 2 Deadline: Sept. 30th

ATOMIC AGE CTHULHU Deadline: Oct 1st

Blood and Roses Deadline: Oct 31st

Brief Grislys Deadline: unknown

Dead North Deadline: Sept 30th

Paranormal Horror – an anthology Deadline: unknown

Grave Robbers Deadline: unknown

Tortured Souls Vol. 1 Deadline: Sept 30th

Year’s End Deadline: Oct 15th

Zombie Lockdown Deadline: Oct. 30th

Zombies VS Werewolves Deadline: Sept. 15th

4000+ word

Bellows of the Bone Box Deadline: (steampunk horror)Sept 17th

Dark Visions Deadline: Dec 21st

Mental Ward: Stories from the Asylum Deadline: Oct. 15th

Ten Terrors (anthology series) Deadline: unknown

Urban Occult Weird/Horror Anthology Deadline: Nov. 1st

If you know of any others, let me know. 🙂

-L. Vera


Dark Opus Press Looking For “Deadly Sin” Submissions

Publisher: Dark Opus Press

Theme: One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Words: 3,000 and 6,000 words

Payment: 1 cent a word plus a copy.

Deadline: July 31st

Note: Seems they have quite a few anthologies, this one seems easy enough to fit any type of story into it. Give it try and let me know if you get accepted.

-L. Vera

Lamplight (A Horror Quarterly) Looking For Submissions ($150 a short)

Publication: Lamplight Magazine

Themes: Horror, Dark Speculative Fiction and Noir

Length: Flash is less than a 1000. Short Stories need to be 2000 or more.

Simultaneous submission are fine. No multiple submissions.

Pay: Flat rate of $150 a short, $50 for flash fiction

Notes: Again, this is another new publication. The pay seems too amazing to pass up. Toss something their way and see what happens.


Wicked Industries Looking For Submissions

Publication: Wicked Industries

Theme: Action and Adventure, Sci-Fi, and Horror

Word Count: up to 5000

Pay scale: $5 per short story

Notes: No mention of multiple submission or reprints. It’s always good nature to mention if it’s been reprinted. They also have incredible response time. They claim they respond within 2-3 days. I’ll definitely be throwing a short or two their way, especially since I can quickly submit the story elsewhere if it gets rejected. It’s also new, their first anthology will be out July 9th.

-L. Vera

Static Movement Looking For Lots Of Submissions

Check out this huge list of anthologies, looking for writers to fill them.

They have lots of anthologies looking for submissions. It’s non-paying but they have a lot of interesting themes in each anthology. I recently submitted a reprint to them to their “The End” anthology, which they gladly accept along with simultaneous submissions. It’s a little weird navigating the forums, but it’s worth it.

-L. Vera

Good Guy Publishing Looking For Submissions

Publication: Good Guy Publishing

Theme: “None. Open to all genres.”

Word count: Flash Fiction: max of 500, Short Stories: max of 3000

2 submission max, Reprints welcomed.

Due: May 31st, 2012 (Two days away.)

Payment: Publishing credit.

The deadline is short, but so is the word max. I can crank out flash fiction all day, so maybe everyone has time to submit a quicky today. Try it. I know some of the people at Good Guy Publishing. Fun people.

Plasma Frequency Looking For Submissions

Publication: Plasma Frequency

Word count: 100-7,500

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

No multiple submisions.

No Reprints.

Pays 1 cent a word.

I have lots of stuff lying around, so I’ll be submitting pretty soon as well. Keep in mind it’s a new publication and make sure you read their guidelines.

-L. Vera

Near To The Knuckle Looking For Submissions

Near To The Knuckle is looking for some kick you in the gut type fiction. They already have some good stories up from B. R. Stateham and Graham Smith. If you got something gritty for them and want a publishing credit throw them a plain text email to close2thebone@hotmail.com .

Or click on this link for more info here .

-L. Vera