Rapid Fire Interview: Paul D. Brazill

In this hard-hitting interview I get down to the really important questions with Mr True Brit Grit himself, the man with the dazzle, Paul D. Brazill. If you don’t know Mr B you must be from some other planet newly arrived, surely. He’s the leader of the DRUNK ON THE MOON pack and editor of TRUE BRIT GRIT, the mighty charity anthology, as well as his own black-hearted collections SNAPSHOTS and 13 SHOTS OF NOIR in addition to stories appearing a slew of other anthologies.

Knowing the world demanded to hear what this nattily dressed man about town was up to, I recently persuaded him to indulge us at AK&AQ with a little of his time — which is to say, I bought the drinks and he offered some opinions. The upshot was this:

Which came first, the bottle or the pen?

Never the twain!

Is the right kind of hat essential to the writing process?

As long as it’s worn at a jaunty angle.

500 words or 5000? Why?

It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it that counts.

What’s the soundtrack to your writing?

Which Rat Pack member would you hang out with if Doctor Who took you to 60s Vegas?

Peter Lawford. I’m easily intimidated.

What practical advice would you give to wannabe writers?

There is very little that is practical about writing.

Bowie or Eno?


Best film on a rainy day when the writing’s not going well?

The writing always goes well, when I get around to doing it. Eraserhead is a good rainy day film, though.

What song will you dance to — even in public?

The Funky Gibbon.

Assuming it’s not a moot point, what might you be persuaded to sell your soul to obtain?

All of the above.

What’s on your bucket list?

My Fuckit List is longer. Things that I hope never to have to do before I die. Like parachute jumping or going to India.

What will you call your memoirs?

Life On The Lam.

What’s your criminal underworld nickname?

Paulie Decibels- named by Cormac Brown.

What writer do you most envy?

Katy Price nee Jordan.

Granted miraculous musical ability (assuming you don’t already have it) what band would you want beating down your door to join them?

The Kings Singers.

Most embarrassing fact about yourself you are willing to reveal here?

I once mistook Oliver Sacks’ hat for a wife.

Thanks, Mr B. You’re an officer and a gentleman fun guy.