Trestle Press: The Lawsuit (Now Lawyer Approved)

First off I want everyone to know what this Blog includes before reading further.

  • A quick update of what Trestle Press has done.
  • News of a lawsuit that has been emerging.
  • What you can do to help at no cost to yourself, if you are an ex Trestle Press author.

An Update

Trestle Press, to me, is another word for a shitty publication that provided horrible services for authors. In many cases they were better off doing everything themselves. Now what really blew up in their face was their stolen artwork. I was skeptical from the beginning, especially realizing the horrible editing on the final draft of my book “The Horror Suicide Show“. I originally gave it out for free to my fans and somehow Giovanni got a hold of it and wanted to sell it, market it. I said, “Why not?”, after all I was giving it out for free, so even if Giovanni made me a dollar at the time I would have been happy. (Big mistake, I’ve made way more than that on my own. I just wasn’t confident enough in my work and popularity.) Anyways, shitty editing, shitty book cover, which seemed awfully familier.

You can find lot of my work of deviantArt for free. Many of the stories in “The Horror Suicide Show” appeared there first. Anyways, I like art as well as writing and found the exact image in my favorites folder. It was something I had already liked and used as a background at one time. What a coincidence. So there it was, with an artist’s name attached to it. A quick not to the artist and I found it it was stolen. Then I found out almost every book cover was that Trestle Press made was stolen from a quick google image search.

I somehow amassed an army. Quickly we were contacting artists and authors. It was kinda fun. We also noticed some obvious ones like the use of Ghost Rider and Bill and Ted. If you want even more examples check out my original post earlier this year.


I was contacted by an individual who knows about more shady practices behind the man behind Trestle Press. It’s one man, named Giovanni. We also have suspicion to believe that it isn’t his real name, but that’s a whole other deal. Trust me, I’m trying to make this post short and sweet. So here’s a quote from my new friend who’s heading this new lawsuit:

It may take a week before he is actually served but the lawsuit is comprehensive and has multiple allegations, all of which we can support. You might let the others know this tidbit. He wanted $600 from a bookstore in one of the states most credible department stores for books they held. The owner ran for governor and his son is the mayor of our town. Giovanni never sent an invoice to anyone on my book. Even so he demanded money from the bookstore before he would discuss return of my rights. Sound like extortion? Well, the check was sent via snail mail and Giovanni denied receipt and demanded it be sent FED-X so he could track it. Another check was sent Fed-X but he complained that it was made out to Trestle Press and not to him personally and he would have to wait for it to clear. After continued requests, and even after he was paid, Giovanni did not release the rights to my book back to me. That’s when it was decided to proceed with the suit.

So there’s other shady allegation’s that “Giovanni” is involved in. And the lawsuit has already been making progress through my source’s lawyer.

The Source Needs Help

Turns out he needs more people to come forward. His name is Dr. Joe Edward Morris. He has promised me that there will be no cost for anyone who wants to help raise the stink higher. Any ex-Trestle Press author should at least email ( him letting him know that you will support him and that you were a survivor. Afterall, we did survive and we are better off. We all even got together and put out a great book for free on smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon (which the money is donated to a charity) called Burning Bridges and it’s a great read. We need to do a second volume perhaps call it “Suing Bridges”.

-L. Vera


Dark Opus Press Looking For “Deadly Sin” Submissions

Publisher: Dark Opus Press

Theme: One of the Seven Deadly Sins

Words: 3,000 and 6,000 words

Payment: 1 cent a word plus a copy.

Deadline: July 31st

Note: Seems they have quite a few anthologies, this one seems easy enough to fit any type of story into it. Give it try and let me know if you get accepted.

-L. Vera

Wicked East Press Looking For Submissions for Three Anthologies

Publisher: Wicked East Press

They have three different anthologies, of course if you go to their page you’ll see six. Three of them has deadlines that passed. Also, they have different requirements so pay attention to which one you want to submit to.


Fresh Ground-Coffee House Flash Fiction Volume 3

Theme: Flash Fiction for everyone.

word count: 500-1500

Payment: exposure only

Deadline: Aug. 31, 2012


“Down The Rabbit Hole” –Tales of slipping into new worlds

Theme: Journey into another world.

word count: 3500-7000

payment: $5 flat rate, $1 every 1000 over 5000.

Deadline: July 31, 2012


Hidden In The Basement

Theme: General Horror

word count: 3000-6000

payment: $1 every 1000 words.

No reprints.

Deadline: Oct. 30, 2012
-L. Vera