Review: Batman Earth One

Batman Earth One

Writer: Geoff Johns

Illustrator: Gary Frank

The Review:

You can re-write Batman’s origin so many times. Of course I feel like there is somethings that have to stay the same:

  • His parents die in an alley behind a theatre.
  • He needs to see a bat somewhere to inspire his costume traits.
  • He needs to be rich.
  • He needs to be in the spotlight.
  • He needs inventions.

Which is what we get here. Another interpretation of the usual. Which I guess is fine, any drastic changes and people scream bloody murder. What I did like about this is the change from being invincible. I personally believe Batman to be written as a “invincible” character. He’s written to win. Of course we have instances where he loses, KnightFall, No Man’s Land (kinda), and R.I.P. Those were the times when things changed and people paid attention, then Batman goes back to normal, being invincible. I liked all those story lines mostly because a good character isn’t invincible, he’s like us just scarred. Here in Earth One, he’s weaker and makes mistakes. I like that.

Watching Batman’s toys break is a cool little move Geoff partakes in. After all Batman should be able to adapt, move – when are we going to get a parkour Batman. I didn’t like they way alfred was portrayed but everything else fell together nicely and most importantly Geoff stayed away from using the Joker. Instead we find Mayor Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin running the show.

The artwork is amazing. I’ve always liked Gary Frank’s art. It’s modern and clean. Every page is amazing. I think maybe some of the detail boxed work could have been enlarged or made more noticeable. I found myself going back once to find out why something happened. I happened to read comics fast, kinda skipping over art unless it’s in my face.

I liked this book. I also liked Superman: Earth One which I preferred the art over the story, but here it’s pretty equal and tells a great story. I would liek to see something wore risque, even though I read Stan Lee’s Batman and thought that was horrible. So maybe sticking to what works, we keep us readers satisfied, eitherway, I liked to see Batman get beat the hell up more often. Maybe lose some fingers or an arm. “Adapt Batman! Adapt!”

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Review: One Buck Horror – A Surprisingly Happy Swim

by L. Vera

I was very skeptical at first. It’s five short stories for 99 cents. I held my breathe and dove in. I found myself swimming in a very organized book, I can’t believe the amount of kindle books, with bad table of contents and misspellings. The editing is great, professional grade. The book is written for the general public, so I never needed to look any word up. (I always like to at least learn one new word a story.)

The first lap I did was with Ada Hoffman’s “Jenny’s House”. It’s written a bit broken, which is not a flaw, it’s to emphasize the innocents of the main character, a young boy. He recalls finding slime, which he brings to class for show and tell. If the kids weren’t amazed by “show” portion the “tell” part is beyond belief. The story is simple and clean. Nothing frightening but it also influenced me to write a similar piece. By far the best piece in the book.

The next story is “A Lullaby for Caliban” which felt like a story out of the old Goosebump books I used to read a lot as a child. “The Cornfield” was another one that I would group with more of a children’s tale. They were both delightful, but lacked any real fear.

“The Last Nephew” had me swallow some water. We find a little boy who was kidnapped and serving his “Uncle” as a little helper. As soon as his “Uncle” finds out that the boy what’s to know help in more ways, it’s too late. It’s a taboo subject that gave the collection that adult twist the others didn’t have. It’s tasteful and read very well.

The last story was a nice ending. “The Ginger Men” had me full interested. I reached the surface for more air and when I came down found a story about a vengeful mother using magically cookie dough to punish her husband. Did he deserve it? I don’t think so, no one deserves that.

Overall, this is a great buy and I will definitely pick up the others in the future. Don’t expect over the tops scares or even a small bucket full of gore. I personally think the stories are meant for a younger crowd, with the exception of “The Last Nephew” but every single story was told from a child’s perspective. This really seems like speculative fiction than horror, but is still worth the read. So I say you should swim in this pool, no pee; mostly just loving monsters and carnival freaks.

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