An Interview With Phyllis “Marketing Ninja / Thriller Writer” Zimbler Miller

Author: Phyllis Zimbler Miller

Interviewer: L. Vera

L. Vera: Phyllis Zimbler Miller, writer of CIA Fall Guy, it’s nice to have you on AKAQ.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: I am very pleased to be here.

L. Vera: How does it feel to be a writer?

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: I have been a writer from the time I was in elementary school. I love the ability to share stories with others.

L. Vera: How does it feel to be in marketing?

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: I also love being in marketing. In marketing you are basically sharing the stories of the business, brand, cause or book you are promoting.

L. Vera: How does it feel to be working with your daughter?

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: It’s great to be working with Yael. Besides working together on marketing, she does the covers for my books and the design elements for our company’s social media outreach. Her interest in code led me to decide to do my own ebook conversion in html for “CIA Fall Guy.”

L. Vera: How can you help other writers with your company?

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: Yael and I believe that the foundation of any author platform is a user-friendly author website that the author can make changes on himself or herself. We build these websites for our clients as well as coach them on social media strategy specific to their abilities, interests and marketing goals.

L. Vera: And since, I can’t, could you explain to my readers why they need a social media presence.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: With the vast number of books and ebooks traditionally published and self-published every day, it is difficult for authors to stand out. Using social media to create relationships with potential readers — if done as part of a strategic marketing plan — can help authors to promote their books without spending money on advertising.

L. Vera: What could we expect to read in CIA Fall Guy?

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: I call “CIA Fall Guy” a gentle thriller because I’m not a big fan of graphic blood and guts. And while the book is a novel, the bombing in May 1972 of the U.S. Army’s Officers Club in Frankfurt, Germany, is true. In fact, my husband Mitch and I took the train from Munich to Frankfurt that day and then immediately left on a U.S. Army chartered plane back to the U.S. without stopping in first at the Officers Club. I read about the bombing in the front page news items of The Wall Street Journal when we were back in the U.S. More of the backstory of this novel is at

L. Vera: What should we be keeping an eye out for in the future? And when can we see a family anthology coming out?

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: I’d like to write a sequel to “CIA Fall Guy” and I have already gotten the domain name in case I want to use that for the title of the sequel. I am particularly interested in exploring the East Germany-West Germany dynamics before Germany was re-united. In fact, Mitch and I wrote the screenplay “The Widow Springer” about the fall of the Berlin Wall.

And I like your idea of a family anthology! I’ll have to think about this.

L. Vera: You have written other books. Can you tell us what these are?

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: I have written two other fiction books — “Mrs. Lieutenant” which was a 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semifinalist — and the technothriller “Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders” (Currently FREE on Amazon) which I wrote with Mitch. We also published four of our comedy screenplays in the book “Four Comedy Screenplays.”

On the nonfiction side, I am just now releasing the three-book series HOW TO SUCCEED IN HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE AND BEYOND COLLEGE for teens and young adults.

L. Vera: Thank you for the splendid interview.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller: And, again, thank you for this opportunity; I really appreciate it.

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