Staff Member of the Month: K. A. Laity

Every month, I want to bring so much deserved attention to the bloggers here at A Knife And A Quill. We are currently working with many writers. Officially, we have seven writers, all who work for free, getting reviews, interviews and help to our readers, and I feel like without them we wouldn’t have had the success that we’ve had; but Kate outshines them all.

K. A. Laity, or you may know her as the second half of A Knife And A Quill. She is pretty much responsible for driving more than half of our traffic. Her post are well written, throughly researched and she’s prolific both on her own blog and on ours.

Besides being awesome, she’s also a great writer. Writing in many anthologies and collections. Please take the time to read some of her books. If you are skeptical, read her short story in Burning Bridges for free, then hit yourself over your head and buy some more of her stories and books.