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Guess what? Everything we do at AKAQ is FREE. We promote authors, artist, editors, bloggers and any writing websites. So here’s a handy list you should ask yourself.

Got a new book releasing?

If you got a new book coming out, throw us a press release or a guest post about it. We will post it. As long as it done professionally, not racist or sexist and follows our theme here at AKAQ. What? Don’t know what our theme is? It’s pretty much literature where someone dies. Personally, we touch Crime, Horror and Speculative Fiction and sometimes Sci-Fi. Either way, if someone dies . . . we want to help get it out.

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Using KDP Select? Ever Friday we have WTFBF (What The Free Book Friday). We will promote your free book. After all, who doesn’t want a free book. I’ve found some great artist and contacts by just promoting this project every week. I usually share this post with author’s Facebook pages and that on it’s own brings in a good amount of views.

Just make sure you send me a friend request here.

Got a book that will be 99 cents on Monday?

Something as before. But if you have book that’s 99 cents on a Monday. I post those as well. Eventually Kate will also have some U.K. books on Wednesdays. Stay tuned.


We review books.

We interview anyone who wants an interview.

We like to bring notice to fun and exciting things.

Sometimes we need your help. So send us an email and a copy of your book. We can’t promise we will get to it, because we already have a huge backlist, but it can help. If you actually send us a physical copy, those go straight to the top of our list. So just shoot us an email.

We also interview authors, editors, hell I’ll interview a circus performer. If you got something interesting to share send me an email. I rarely say no. Saying yes is always a crazier ride.

Now for the email. Email anything to me L. Vera at Luis_Vera05@yahoo.com

-L. Vera

Peter Townsend’s Ghostly Images

Ghostly Images by Peter Townsend

Two apprentice photographers, David Taylor and John Evans, find themselves unemployed and desperate for work when their employer dies.

They fall into the clutches of Hood, a notorious charlatan, who is eager to exploit them as “spirit photographers” with the aid of the infamous Tate Camera now owned by David. This notorious camera is said to have the ability not only to photograph spirits, but it can predict how and when the person photographed will die.

Reluctantly, David and John become immersed into the dubious, murky trade of spirit photography. Although David stubbornly refuses to believe in the supernatural, he becomes unnerved when ghostly images start to appear on the untouched photographs of young women who soon fall victim of a man people are calling “The Whitby Ripper.”

Lucy Shaw, an ambitious reporter from The Whitby Herald, wants to expose both Hood and spirit photography as a fraud. She is a modern career woman eager to cover more exciting news than the flower shows her editor assigns. Her search for the truth attracts the attention of David, and possibly that of a murderer.

David is charming, handsome, a real lady-killer in every way. A relative newcomer to Whitby, he is reluctant to talk about his past or his direct link to the recent murder victims.

Is there any truth to the rumours about the Tate Camera? Can it predict the near future? Can it expose a killer?

Meanwhile…the Whitby Ripper waits for his next victim.

About the Author:

Peter Townsend was born in Sheffield and has a variety of interests including history, music and art. One of his current fascinations is the history of Victorian England. He now lives by the northeast coast of England and regularly walks on the local beach or on the cliff top path towards Whitby where Ghostly Images, is set.

Ghostly Images is available in print and several ebook formats including Kindle and NOOK and can be found at many other online retailers. Visit the Ghostly Images page at LL- Publications:


LL- Publications is an independent publisher based in Scotland specializing in genre and literary titles in both print and ebook formats since 2008.

-L. Vera

Rune Wright Looking for Steampunk Submissions

Publication: Rune Wright

Theme: Steampunk

Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy

Style: Open

Length: 2,000 ~ 11,500 words

Submission Deadline: November 30th, 2012

Publication Date:  March, 2013

Notes: I pretty much copied and paste this from their website, since this is pretty bare bones structure of what they need. I just left out where to submit. So check out the page before you send anything. Duotrope also states they pay token payment for their pieces, which is 1 cent a word.

Lit Reactor’s Scare Us Competition

Publisher: Lit Reactor


  • Must be a horror story.
  • Needs at least three people to die.
  • Must also feature a new creature.
  • Must take place in your home town.

Word Count: 1500-4000

Prizes: Seems to be more of a writing project which they will be giving out “awards” and such. They are hosting it as a way to meet new writers and to get your pieces read.

Notes: I would like to see everyone in the AKAQ community to give it a try. Why not? Lit Reactor is a pretty popular place and everyone could use the free publicity. If you do decide to submit a piece, let us know so we can rate your story. 🙂

-L. Vera

The Crime Factory Looking For Submissions

Publication: The Crime Factory

Theme: “Crime.”


  • Short Fiction: less than 5,000 words
  • Long Fiction: 8,000-11000
  • Non-fiction: less than 8,000
  • Reviews: 400 and less

Notes: I stumbled upon this website looking for crime blogs. A couple of writers I know post there and thought it would be neat to see what kind of stuff they accept. So they take anything crime related, reviews, interviews, along with fiction and non-fiction pieces. Of course, if you want to write horror/crime/thriller/speculative fiction, check out our submissions, here at AKAQ.

-L. Vera

Crime Net Looking For Submissions

Publication: Anachron Press

Theme: “Crime Net is essentially an anthology of detective, mystery, or noir stories.”

Word count: 4000-8,000

Multiple Submissions and simultaneous submissions not mentioned.

“First World English, Digital, Print, and Anthology”

Due: August 1st, 2012

Payment: £10 per story + contributor paperback copy + profile on Anachron Press site.

I know this is up a lot of people’s alley. So give it a try and keep us updated. 🙂