Review: Vixen by Ken Bruen


For the Southeast London police squad, it’s rough, tough, dirty business as usual. The Vixen, the most sensuos, crazed female serial killer ever, is masterminding a series of lethal explosions. She is unpredictable, wild, angry–and the cops don’t even know she exists.

Meanwhile, Inspector Roberts is helpless to stop the explosions and his subordinates aren’t doing much better. Brant is consumed with an even-bigger-than-usual mean streak, and fast-rising Porter Nash finds himself facing serious health problems–everything to do with needles. PC MacDonald is determined to soldier on, whatever the cost, and the career of a new addition to the squad, WPC Andrews, starts spectacularly but with Falls as her mentor she’s not expected to last long. At the top, Superintendent Brown is close to a coronary, and arresting the wrong man in a blaze of publicity is only the beginning of his problems.

If the squad survives this incendiary installment in Ken Bruen’s blazingly intense series, they’ll do so with barely a cop left standing.


Damn you, Ken Bruen! Why do I keep getting your books? There I was planning to get some writing of my own done, but no — I cracked open this book just to see how it started out and then I was too far in to stop. Worse than crisps. I’m terribly fond of the Jack Taylor books, but I love the part of London this is set in, so I got a kick out of seeing familiar places. It took a bit to keep the characters straight, my only complaint — maybe because I’m always reading things out of order (this is part of Bruen’s London saga), but as usual I was sucked in and flipping pages until I got to the end. And I’ll be back for more, oh don’t you know it. Bruen is one of my favourite drugs.