Looking Behind The Curtain: A Guest Post by Graham Smith

Guest Post: Graham Smith

First of all I’d like to thank Luis for inviting me over to talk about my forthcoming release. Secondly I’d like to apologise for the Wizard of Oz reference.

By the end of May or at the latest in early June I will be releasing a new ebook collection of short stories and flash fiction called Gutshots – Ten Blows to the Abdomen. Anyone who has read my writing before will know that the title is kinda accurate for my hardboiled / noir stories. I don’t pull any punches although I do occasionally add a little bit of humour into my stories if it works.

In Gutshots there will be tales of a new drug craze in the UK city of Leeds, a farmer will really go to town in a most shocking manner. Elsewhere a frantic father worries about his young daughter after she collapses, kids experiment on a nerd to see if their biology teacher was correct, suburban neighbours fall out in spectacular fashion and a photographer ends up over exposed.

Some of these stories have been written already and others are formed in my mind ready to be transferred to the computer. There will be murder, mirth and mayhem aplenty in the ten stories, which I’m including in Gutshots.

As a bonus feature I will be including at least three short stories which have appeared free on the interweb. Each of the stories will also have a short introduction about the inspiration for the story.

Notes from L. Vera: Currently reading Harry Charters Chronicles and it’s a great read. So stay tuned for a review and possibly a future interview. I need to ask him who does his covers.