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Make Money With Blogging: Affiliates For Bloggers

It’s the holiday seasons and as a blogger we have the opportunity to inform readers into buying gifts. An affiliate program is one that shares commission on products to bloggers. It’s like a thank you for directing traffic their way. Here is a small rundown to some essential affilate sites for any blogger.

Amazon Affiliates U.S.:

Ebooks/books: It’s a tiered system that starts at 4% at the beginning and goes up depending on how many items you help sale through your links. It’s easy to past the first tier of six sales. Once the seventh is sold everything gets bumped to 6%.

Amazon Affiliates U.K.:

Pretty much the same as the U.S. one. But many people only have a U.S. account. I really suggest putting both links on your site, even though I’ve gotten few hits but they are technically the second biggest Amazon affiliate.

Share A Sale:

TFAW : Comics! Comics! Comics! Oh and other things, but mostly comics. The best thing about this is as soon as you make one sale, you automatically get $5 bucks. How can you beat that deal? Plus it’s a great site for comics. I buy pretty much all my online comics from here and Mile High Comics. Oh and the Black Friday deals are the best. I’ll put up the Black Friday deals for Writers and Readers on Tuesday. Stay Tuned. You also get 14% for every sale.

Commission Junction:

For Writing Blogs:

Audible: 10% for any audio books. WE don’t use it too much on AKAQ because we deal with a lot of indie books.

Create Space: Perfect for people placing their books on Amazon.

Marvel: Now, it would be sweet to be apart of this program and even though it’s offered I don’t think they choose many people to become an affilate. I myself have had a pending status with them for over 3 months. But it would be nice because the offer at least 30% on all commissions.

Others that are useful:

Bodybuilding: Anyone running a health site would love this one. (I also write for a health blog that’s why I love this one.)

Sears: A big name with lots of deals from books to kitchen appliances. It kinda covers everything that Amazon doesn’t which isn’t really that much, since Amazon covers everything but when’s there deals it could easily make purchases cheaper than amazon. Like this one:

Exclusive Online Only Savings! EXTRA $5 off $50 on qualifying orders with SEARS2012


The goal shouldn’t be to make money on your blog, it should be to inform and support your readers. But if you are trying to sell your book, use an affiliate link to make 6% more on your book. Also look around, if there’s a site that you send readers to a lot, see if they have an affiliate site. Also if there are any others I missed, let me know.

-L. Vera

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