Women and Other Monsters

It has been an experience to read Women and Other Monsters by Bernard Schaffer. This collection contains lots of darkness and cruelty, a good dose of satire and some surprising tenderness. Each story evokes different and sometimes conflicting emotions.

Room Service – A down and out recovering addict takes revenge on the vampire who killed his girlfriend.

(A dark, vengeful story with a make you grin ending. No sparkly vampires here)

The Reluctant Death – No matter how many times Clarissa dies, a supernatural creature brings her back.

(An eerie tale of African folklore, poignant but chilling)

Codename: Omega – A soldier comes back from the dead with extraordinary powers and is enlisted to take out Nazi SS soldiers.

(Complex and unique, with plenty of action. I was urging him on all the way!)

Cold Comforts – A wife takes out her revenge on her unfaithful husband.

( Deeply disturbing and scary. Understood her rage, but cringed at her wrath)

Nazareth – Two alien researchers use us as experiments and change the course of our history.

( Funny and gruesome, this thought-provoking tale makes me more certain than ever that I do not want to meet an alien, ever!)

Digestif – Different and revealing.

(You are treated to wonderfully written passages that evoke a longing to be there, in the pages. It had a lasting effect on me, like an echo. It felt familiar.)

I entered the world of Bernard Schaffer at my own risk. I left it knowing I had to have more. And I am going to be reading other books by this author. He has many to choose from, just look at the list below.

About Bernard Schaffer

As a teenager, Bernard Schaffer starred in Nickelodeon’sDon’t Just Sit There,” musical productions, television commercials, and a skit on Saturday Night Live. He left acting to pursue a career in law enforcement. Since 2000, Schaffer has worked as a patrolman, detective, and narcotics officer in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

In 2012, he released a series of books titled Superbia about a dysfunctional police department that reached the Kindle Top 100. As a result, he was stripped of his detective rank.

Schaffer is the founder of the Kindle All-Stars. The project’s first release was an anthology titled Resistance Front that starred Harlan Ellison and Alan Dean Foster. All profits from that book are being donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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More books by Bernard Schaffer. To purchase, just click on the covers.


Buy Flashy Shorts Today

When I hear Flashy Shorts, I picture some bright colored shorts, perhaps something Bart Simpson wears. Nonetheless, here is a flashy set of shorts from Good Guy Publishing, coming out Today, with yours truly gracing the pages. The lineup is actually pretty nice, check it out:

Oatmeal Galaxy by K. M. Indovina
Metro Rider by Mark Gatto
Cup Football by Margaret Nesbitt
Duck-egg Blue by Natalie Glenister
The Secret Witch by Debbie Behan
No Criminal by L. Vera
The Flat by Graham Taylor
The Kansas Kindred Killers by Graham Smith

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-L. Vera

Short and Sweet?

I have great respect for authors who write short stories. Compressing so much detail into a quick, compelling story takes true talent.

L. Vera tells this story in a unique way, as personal diary entries, and I really enjoyed it. Well written and easy to follow, it is, literally, the diary of a madman.

The author’s choice of cover art is perfect. After all, it is a diary.

Todd Casil’s life is spiraling out of control. Experiencing episodes of missing time, he begins to question his own sanity when he discovers missing pages in his personal diary and entries he did not make. Who is killing the people around him, and why does he keep seeing green eyes?

Pulled into Todd’s life, I began to dread the conclusion that was racing towards me as I turned each page. You will too.

Also included are two bonus short stories.

I Hate Every Beautiful

This story will make you ask yourself whether you believe in coincidence or fate. The lives of 6 people are about to converge in a min-blowing final scene. The author knows how to wrap up an ending!


Henry awoke to find himself lying on the floor of his apartment. His attempt at suicide was a failure, just like his life.

An emergency broadcast on the TV warns everyone to stay indoors. Darkness has descended on the planet and there is something in it.

Now Henry must decided if he wants to live or die.

Open this book and prepare yourself for a gut-wrenching, edge of your seat buffet. L. Vera wastes no words, keeping these stories short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet.

For more about L. Vera and his books:



Other works by L. Vera:

Review: Beat to a Pulp: Hardboiled

Blurb: BEAT to a PULP: Hardboiled is a compilation of uncompromising, gritty tales following in the footsteps of the tough and violent fiction popularized by the legendary Black Mask magazine in its early days. This collection includes thirteen lean and mean stories from the fingertips of Garnett Elliott, Glenn Gray, John Hornor Jacobs, Patricia Abbott, Thomas Pluck, Brad Green, Ron Earl Phillips, Kent Gowran, Amy Grech, Benoit Lelievre, Kieran Shea, David Cranmer, and Wayne D. Dundee and a boiled down look at hardboiled fiction in an introduction by Ron Scheer. Edited by David Cranmer and Scott D. Parker.

Review: As advertised! What a nifty little collection and the price is right, too! Just 99¢ gets you a good read, chock full of tough guys and daunting dames with a whole lot of bullets flying. Names you know and those you don’t, no clunkers to be found. I have to say I especially enjoyed Pluck’s “Black Eyed Susan” which just hit a nerve, managing to be both funny and cringingly painful. Abbott’s “Ric with No K” reminded me in a way of Joyce Carol Oates’ “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” because it captured that kind of liminal space of those teenage years and the danger it often invites. Good stuff. Get it.

“Alternate History Horror Anthology” Looking For Submissions

Publication: Dark Moon Books

Theme: “Alternate History Horror.”

Word count: 1500-6,000

Genre: Speculative Fiction and Horror.

Multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions gladly acceptance.

No Reprints.

Due: May 31, 2012

Payment: Pays 20 dollars and one contributor copy.

No time. This one is due at the end of the month which is this Thursday. Sorry for bringing this to you guys so late, but it seems like a fun anthology.