Three After/Reviews x Three

Those of you who know me, know I love to review short stories and collections. To those of you who don’t, well now you do. Welcome.

I have three reviews for you today. They are all from  Three After by Edward Lorn. I am now a huge fan of his writing.

If you like your horror twisted and dripping blood, these three tales will give you that and then some. I will give you fair warning that Edward writes very descriptive, almost visual scenes, and they ain’t pretty.

1. World’s Greatest  Dad

This is every father’s, hell, everybody’s worst nightmare.

Kimmy is gone. While Carl was trick or treating with his daughter, somebody snatched her. He was only distracted for a moment, but that was all it took.

The last time Carl saw Kimmy, she was talking to a man sitting in a rocking chair wearing a wolf costume. Now the chair is empty and Kimmy is gone.

They found Kimmy, but it was too late. Her body was discovered in a garbage bin, thrown away like so much trash.

Carl is consumed by grief and guilt. The police investigation is going nowhere. There is no consolation to be found.

Carl’s friend David inadvertently hands him a cup of coffee, the cup made by Kimmy. It reads World’s Gratest Dad and, yes, that is how she spelled it. Not able to bear it, Carl asks for a different cup. As he passes it back to David, the words on the cup change.

Help Her

He was the only one to witness it. Believing it to be a message from his daughter, Carl uses the messages that appear on the cup to try to save Her and find his daughters killer.

This is a story of redemption, betrayal and vengeance. What wouldn’t you do for your child?

2. An Affair To Remember

Jimmy has crossed the line. His rage at finding out his wife was having an affair, and with a jerk like Ray, pushed him over the edge.

What happens to Ray is horrific, but he has only himself to blame. Should have kept his pants zipped and stopped taunting Jimmy when he was caught.

But after brutally torturing and killing his wife and her lover, things get really bizarre for Jimmy.

Maybe Jimmy should have just walked away from the whole sordid mess.

3. Snuggles

She seems like such a sweet young girl. Elizabeth loves cats and she has three, Cuddles, Snuggles and Bumbles. Her favorite is Snuggles.

One day, her dad accidentally lets Snuggles outside. These are indoor cats and are not supposed to be let outside because of the road.

Yep, you guessed it. Her mom finds Snuggles in the road and tells her that he has gone to heaven.

Elizabeth is heart-broken and what she does to get Snuggles back is beyond belief.

This story goes from shocking to stomach-turning in a blink. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I do love my horror. I am now reading Bay’s End Edward’s debut novel and will then be reading his newest release.

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You Will Peek Through Your Fingers

Sometimes I am lucky and discover stories that stay in mind for a long time. I thought of these two short stories by Shauna Klein while I was looking from some extreme horror to write about.  I will warn you that these stories contain extreme sex, violence and language.

First up is Peaceable Kingdom

Krista is not in a good mood.

She lost her job just because she refused to put down a dog. What’s with people anyway?

The little pug never asked for this. The owner just didn’t want to be bothered with her anymore and brought her in to be put down.

It went against all that is good to kill a dog for no reason other than that.

So it cost her a job. She’ll get another.

“It’s one thing if your pet is sick, but just because you’re tired of it is ridiculous.”

Krista raids the vet clinic for supplies to take care of the pug and to get the things she will need to spay Piper.

It was more difficult than she imagined, and very bloody. She closed up the incision and hoped for the best.

“I only want what’s best for you but you’ll forgive me if I screw a few things up, won’t you?”

This is a very short story with a Huge surprise ending. Extreme horror at its best.

Peaceable Kingdom left a lasting impression on me. The ending is a shocker and there is no way you can prepare for it.

Next up

It really happened. Zombies.

We’ve all read the books and seen the movies, but didn’t believe it would possibly happen. But it did.

Michelle wished she could go back to the mundane tasks of worrying about which bills to pay, grocery shopping and even cleaning the house. Instead she has to worry about how to avoid the zombies while scavenging for food and water.

And she has a bigger problem. Her husband Mike has cancer. Treatment didn’t work and now he is dying.

Bitter that she will be left all alone to try to survive, she comes up with what she thinks is a solution.

“All I have to do is get him bitten by one of them and he’ll stay with me for a while, maybe forever.” she thought.

Stop right there!

What is this woman thinking?

Who in their right mind would want a zombie for a husband?

This story is well written and thought out. A lot goes on in such a limited amount of pages.

The zombies are truly nasty and Shauna’s descriptions take you right to the scene, smelling the disgusting odors and seeing the rotting dead.

You’ll be squirming in your seat and looking away from the pages just like when you don’t want to see something in a movie. You know how you hold your hands over your eyes at a particularly scary or gruesome scene in a movie, peeking through your fingers to see if it is safe to watch again? That’s what I did with this book.

Make A Wish is a tale of desperation and a really bad idea. It leaves you wondering, what in the world was she thinking? Was she even thinking?

I enjoy reading short stories and appreciate how difficult it must be to get an idea across with a limited amount of words.

Take a bow Shauna Klein. You made me shudder, and that is no small thing for me!

I had the pleasure of reading a rough draft of Shaun’s next work in progress and can tell you that she has another twisted tale to shock and surprise you.

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