99 cent Chillers, Thrillers, Killers


99 cent Chillers, Thrillers, Killers

99 cent Thrillers, Chillers and Killers

99 cent Thrillers, Chillers and Killers

Every Monday brought to you by L. Vera.

The Becoming by Allan Leverone
: Great writer. If you don’t believe me read “Burning Bridges” for free.



Red Eyes by Eric Johnson:A Quick, military science fiction story.




Snap by Allen Renfro: A story about a killer known as the “Killer Ghost”. You’ll find people a slaughtered and churches ablaze.



Deadcore: 4 Hardcore Zombie Novellas: 4 zombie stories. Need I say more. Okay. How about . . . “Monkeys in tuxedos wants you to read this.”




The Death Panel: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness by Various

I like people who leave 1 stars complaining about the genre. Like “Only horror fans would like this book.” So here’s this ones. Just the title says it all. “This is porn for violence!” Sounds like a good read to me. 🙂


Zombie Bowl: The Legacy of Dr. Z: As Recorded by KT Swartz : Saw this on Amazon. Has solid reviews and I love the cover and title.




Laughing At The Death Grin! I say just buy this to read Heath Lowrance, Paul D. Brazil and B.R. Stateham.