How I Got 10,000 Followers on Twitter or How To Use Tweepi

-by L. Vera

One word can pretty much sum it up Tweepi.

Here’s my twitter history. I started “tweeting” in Feb. It wasn’t my first time on twitter, before I had a character from my book, Diary of a Madman (which will be free this weekend), tweet his kills. That small experiment was fun, but I still didn’t have my own personal account. Once I decided that I wanted to release Diary of a Madman as a book, I thought that I needed somehow to help get the word out. I amassed about 100 followers shortly, mostly dedicated readers and a couple of random people. Six months later I manage 10,000 followers.

I can’t remember how I stumbled on Tweetpi, but when I did I didn’t really understand what I stumbled upon. 

I stumbled on the holy grail of twitter websites. Now, many people don’t like this method. They want “quality followers”. Well, who’s to say who isn’t a quality follower. Out of the 300 people I follow a day using this program, I find many quailty followers, way beyond just sitting down and expecting them to find me. And to tell you the truth, the ones that friend me without me following them, tend to be useless. They don’t mention me, they don’t retweet me, they don’t really talk to me. They feel more like virtual stalkers then quality followers. Now, the ones I’ve interacted with, some just saying “Thanks for the follow” I’ve built relationships from a simple “No prob.”

I have 10,000 followers. When I post a tweet, I get at least 20 clicks. I’ve tested it using affiliate tracking links and simple visit counters. Do you get that many? I ran those test back when I had 6,000 followers, who knows how well those links do now.

Tweepi is easy to use. I suggest signing on and quickly start by using the Follow Tweeps pull down and clicking on @user’s followers. This will bring you to the page where you can fill in a person’s twitter handle and get a chance to follow their followers. I suggest using, @inkmuse or @randomhouse for bloggers. Basically choose a popular twitter account that has the followers that would follow you, someone similar to what you tweet/ post about.

Then list them by last tweet, I fell like this short’s out the quiet/stalker tweeps. Then click the top, most active tweep and then go down to about maybe a couple of days. I like 10 days, but originally choose smaller amount like 2-3 days. Hold shift and click the last one, it will highlight everyone in-between.

Then click Follow. They get queued and after you go to the next page or just wait a bit, they all get followed. Normally you can only see 20 at a time unless you tweet a little link to tweepi and they give you 20 more a page. You can also purchase a version that sorts them a whole lot better, but I find the free version adequate.

That’s it. At first you should keep your following to between 100-200, until you hit around 2000. Then you need to use the flush the unfollowers section, to get rid of those that don’t follow you. I do this at least once a week. Then start over. I wasn’t to crazy about doing this everyday, but maybe dedicating every other week to reaching a new number would help. As your followers grow, it seems that people start to find me on their own now. It could be because of my short stories on the web, or because how popular AKAQ has gotten, but I find I need to use tweepi less and less.


Why Bloggers Should Be On Triberr

I joined triberr and was confused almost right away. I can tell how many others instantly got in the same boat. Once you figure out what to do, it’s an awesome website; it has already done such a wonderful job getting people to this blog.

First let’s talk a little bit about Triberr and why you should be on it.

Triberr: Extending my blog’s blade.

Triberr is a website that pools people into a group for one purpose – tweeting the group’s blog post. Usually if I tweet my blog on twitter I get 5-6 views, which at the time sounded pretty high. Now with Triberr, the same link gets tweeted by 7-10 other people resulting in 80 views. The first day I saw this, I was incredibly impressed. The only other time I had that many visitor’s was when I was investigating art theft, but that’s another blog post.

Triberr is great a great concept to getting more readers and followers. Oh, and for you Klout fans out there, the first week you start this you will see an amazing spike in your klout score.

I also suggest getting an invite first, since it’s free to join a tribe this way. Otherwise you have to use your fictional “bones”(the currency of Triberr) to join tribes and they can disappear quickly. If you want to create you’re own tribe, you need every bone to invite people within the Triberr community. Just send me a DM on twitter and I’ll send you an invite. Don’t just make an account and try to figure things oiut. Be patient and someone will invite you and hopefully show you the ropes.

Getting Started: The easy way.

Triberr has lots of tutorials on getting started. I think they know some people find it daunting at first glance and have tried to help them ease the pain, but have not succeeded. I googled how to get started and found a very helpful guide but the problem was, I didn’t know where to get the information. These are the two thing you need to setup: your rss feed and your twitter account.

Here’s one way to get your rss feed link:
1) Open your homepage on your blog in a window or tab.
2) Go to view (both on MAC and PC) on your toolbar above and then look for “Source” or “Page Source” option. On a Mac go to View >; Developer >; View Source .
3) A window with html should come up and then after your search for “rss”, you’ll find this ( link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”lverawrites » Feed” href=”” )
4) is my RSS feed.

Another easy way:
If you use one of these blogging website:
wordpress: or

You can test this out by manually importing you RSS feed on Triberr.
1) Log on to Triberr
2) Click on your icon on the top right and go to your settings.
3) Then click on your blog settings. You should see this.

4) Click on Manually Import and it will import all your post into Triberr. If you are also impatient, this will push the post into your stream faster.

Setting up twitter: Let’s tweet this Blog.

If you look at the same picture above you’ll notice right above Blog Settings is Twitter Settings. Just add your twitter handle and password and your done. This is a lot easier then setting up your rss feed and I think that’s where many people give up at.

Now we are ready to rock Triberr.

Let’s tear this place apart.

Join a tribe. Mine’s called Madmen / Madwomen and I’m looking for bloggers in the more creative, darker and unusual blogsphere. Of course if you still want to join my tribe just remember we may post adult type content, but you always have the choice to not tweet it.

Make your own tribe and invite people you think will help you out. It’s exciting to see people actually visitng your blog regularly and many times you just need a little boost. Thanks Triberr.

So that’s Triberr in a nutshell and hopefully it should get you on your way. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I try to respond to everyone everywhere. 🙂

– L. Vera

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