How do you take your vengeance?

I’ve just finished reading Vengeance By The Foot by Adam Light.

Great news for ya’ll. It’s free to download from Amazon here from Jan.22nd thru Jan. 26th!

Vengeance By The Foot

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This is a wicked fast read. Only takes around 10 minutes. I love the play on words Adam used in the title. You’ll get it when you read the story.

If you like stomach turning horror with your dark humor, you’ll like this one. Just a warning!

It’s a lot darker than other stories by Adam that I’ve read.

They used to be the happy couple. That is, until the infection.

Now he’s had to have his foot and part of his leg amputated and he’s turned into a bitter, self-pitying jerk. His wife can’t take it anymore and abandons ship.

He plies himself with booze and pills until he’s nearly unconscious. When something comes calling, he’s not sure if it’s real or a product of his indulgence.

Even though I was grossed out by some of this story, I found Adam’s writing to be stellar, again. He really knows how to stick it to you, with a twist or two for good measure!

I wasn’t kidding when I warned you about this one.

The Light Brothers have been very busy.

They’ve set up their own Q & A on Goodreads


Adam and Evans have been working on setting up a Goodreads Q&A group, which can be found here:…

I’m thrilled to join this group. Goodreads is where I met Evans and Adam and discovered their awesome stories.

I’ve read many of their books and am making my way through all of them.

About Adam Light and where to find him.

I have spent the better part of my life in northeast Florida, but I was born in West Virginia. I was consumed at an early age by an unquenchable thirst for the written word. Words, in general, when I think about it.

I was a quiet bookish kid, but after moving down south I grew into a wild and rebellious teenager. I grew my hair long, became enthralled with heavy metal music, and all the rest.

I’ve mellowed somewhat, but I love life, I love my family, and I love to write stories. I have a mad passion for it.

I am proud of the stories I have written and sincerely hope that readers like myself have enjoyed reading them as much as , and plan to continue tapping away at this keyboard until my fingers won’t move anymore.

Thanks to everyone who has supported my madness so far; I look forward to sharing much more of my mind’s crazy ride with you.



To purchase Adam’s books, click on the covers.

Books written with Evans Light



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