Duotrope To Charge In Janurary

Duotrope is going to become a paid website starting in Janurary. The will charge $5 a month or $50 for a whole year.

Personally, I understand how it is to run a website and it’s hard without money. They used to rely heavily in donations and I knew many authors who would fuel their donation fund. To my dismay, I have never gotten paid for any of my stories submitted through Duotrope. The competition was usually very large and many free sites were more willing to take pieces. Also there were many publications on there that made promises and never returned them (I never got paid for a piece that was submitted that should have earned me a little less than ten bucks). I would have easily given 50% of anything I made. Technically I did. 50% of zero is zero.

Now, the site is great. The stats are cool and in reality a subscription to the site for $50 is worth it. Especially since the market will now be less saturated. Hell, it’s only $10 more than subscribing to the Writer’s Market. And I’ve never gotten anything published through their list. Now through Duotrope, I’ve been published here and there and have made a tiny number of contacts – no money – but I’ve earned fans and readers.

So everyone’s complaining. Over 50 dollars. I’m probably one of the poorer writers but I actually think the price is warranted. And when I get my act together and start writing more, I’ll buy a subscription. Until then I’ll continue to use google, Dark Markets and other websites. Usually we post a couple here as well and maybe this will help drive more traffic to us. You know what? If you want to join the AKAQ team and help us find writing comp and submissions, I’ll be glad to take you in. Eitherway, I’d love to hear what you guys think.

-L. Vera


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