99 Cent Thrillers Chillers and Killers



  1. Good ones Luis. I’ve already got JET, Supper and Fear. Think I’ll check out Grind their bones and Piercing the Darkness.

    • How’s JET?

      • Don’t know yet. Was just gifted all three books. If the writing is anything like Geronimo Breach and his other books, it will be excellent.

  2. JET is like my other work, but on steroids. I wanted to see if I could write the most action-packed thriller I’ve ever done, at the most breakneck pace, but do so with an almost literary fiction sensibility in the writing. Let me know what you think. It’s deliberately over the top, like Bond or Kill Bill, but with a very different approach to the use of language. A fun experiment I’ve now repeated in the whole series of (gulp) 4 novels.

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