Last Chance by N. E. White (FREE Kindle Download)

Last Chance by N. E. White

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Blood oozed across the kitchen floor. Kneeling on the tiled floor, Carmen looked to Albert’s shattered face. Tears filled her eyes and a silent scream stretched her face.

Something solid struck her temple. Her bruised arms reached to protect her head, but the killer batted them away. He stepped in front of her, splashing through blood and blocking out Albert’s brains running down the wall.

Cupping her bony chin, he yanked her head up. His mouth worked, but no sound came. Carmen realized the roaring in her ears was her own blood, still coursing through her unworthy veins. Gunshot. Too close.

She tried to put her hands up to her ears, but the killer shook her head while someone else pressed cold metal to the base of her neck. Slower than the dawn, his voice broke through her ringing ears.

“Where’s the money?”

Carmen shook, and her gaze snapped to Albert’s feet. He had on his work boots; hard, polished leather. Light reflected from their heels. For a moment, she lost herself in that one bright spark; lost herself in a life that didn’t include Albert or heroin.

The killer in front of her cursed at his partner’s trigger-happy finger and the mess he made. The big one started defending himself, said the rat was going for a gun.

He was right, though neither Carmen or Albert could remember where they had stashed the bullets. They didn’t want the baby to swallow them by mistake. Beside, they hadn’t thought they’d ever have to use the gun again.

Carmen’s small voice spilled out into the room and hid under the table.

The first killer lowered himself as the distant sound of sirens reached them. He looked out the back door while he said, “What, honey. Just tell us where it is and we’ll be out of your hair. Do it quick, or Big Daddy here is gonna have a little more fun?

His voice was low and sexy. Why did she feel a need to please this man? She bit her tongue, and closed her eyes. Not this time, she thought, this was her last chance to leave this hell behind.

The sirens turned a corner, and their wail joined her sons. The assassin lifted, pushing her away when another gunshot choked the world. She slammed into Albert’s legs, blood filling her mouth.

Choking on her last breaths, she tried to tell them she used the last of their money on her baby’s trust fund.

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