Free on Amazon! Payback’s a real B??ch!

Pay Back by Evans Light is free to download from Amazon right now, October 12th through the 16th!

Go here to get your copy!


Stephen Hill has been heaping abuse on poor Joe King since second grade. Now grown men with nothing in common, the pair continue to get together once a year, and Joe still patiently endures Stephen’s unrelenting ridicule. But when friendship is only a matter of perspective, PAY BACK might be just around the corner.

Excellent choice for the cover art!

I just recently read and reviewed two of Evans books, Whatever Possessed You? and Crawl Space.  Loved them. They really creeped me out.

A strange encounter leaves Gerard Faust a changed man. Now with sanity slipping away, he finds himself caught in a race against time to uncover what happened that night – before it possesses him completely.

Read my review of Whatever Possessed you here .

Fooling around on your wife can be hazardous to your health.

Just ask Tom.

He’s a man who has a lot to juggle: a frustrated wife, a secret new girlfriend, and the unpleasant task of trying to keep his deteriorating farmhouse from falling down around him.

Now with his wife out-of-town for the week, Tom is eager to get busy under the covers with his beautiful new lover – but first there’s something he has to finish up…in the CRAWLSPACE.

This thrilling, full-length short story is a hair-raising adventure for cheating husbands, cheated-on wives, and everyone in between.

Read my review of Crawl Space here .

I am reading Pay Back right now and will be telling you all about it real soon!

About the author

Evans Light has lived here and there across the United States, from the mountains to the beaches to the desert, and currently chooses to reside in a warm, southern state where the living is easy.

Frequently drawn to uncommon experiences, Evans has thrown himself headfirst into a wide range of unusual situations, from testing low-level-entry parachutes with British Army Airborne units to travelling the vast reaches of inner space using sensory deprivation tanks. He is the proud father of fine sons and the lucky husband of a beautiful wife.

Evans Light has been in love with the written word from an early age, and works in a wide variety of genres, including horror, thrillers, sci-fi and humor – but stories of the “Weird Tales” variety still remain his favorite. Evans is currently hard at work completing a collection of short stories entitled “Obsessive Deceptions”. Each story from this compilation is being released as a stand-alone title on Amazon as it is finished. The first five have been collected in the anthology “Stories, Inc.”.

Evans is also writing his first full-length novel, which is expected to be released sometime before his death.

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You can find all of Evans Light’s books here.

Evans Light


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