Like a Writer Possessed

Whatever Possessed You? by Evans Light

Struggling author Gerard Faust never thought his trip to the book store would go down the way it did. He’s approached by a scruffy young man asking for his help. The man hands him a scrap of old parchment and tells him to read it. It’s in a language unknown to Gerard and he politely declines, but the man insists it’s to be read aloud. That’s the only way it could be understood. So Gerard reads it aloud.  Maazo Maazo…

Gerard feels something enter him, nestling deep inside. The stranger runs off and Gerard writes him off as disturbed, feeling surprisingly good after the odd encounter.

Now he’s writing like a man obsessed, or possessed. He types until his fingers ache, with no memory of what he’s written. Are the words even his own?

He has stopped taking care of himself, neglects his supportive wife and young daughter,  and is experiencing missing time. Something has control of his mind and body.

He may be writing that coveted “best seller”, but what is he writing?

I love stories about authors. Even in fiction I love to hear about their thoughts and writing processes. I just hope this story is all fiction. Wouldn’t want to pick up a book and run into this problem.

I enjoy stories that start off innocently and slowly pull you into the abyss. This book gets darker and darker and I feel sorry for Gerard. You hope it won’t end badly for him, but it’s probably not in the cards with a last name like Faust.

Like a relentless,suspense? I recommend you get Whatever Possessed You? and  ride the ride.

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  1. Thanks for turning me on to these stories. Haven’t read them yet but looking forward to reading and reviewing before Halloween. Nice review. I love the cover.

    • They are quick reads Sherry. Look forward to reading your reviews. It’ll be fun to see a different take on them.
      Sending you an email about a secret!

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  3. Sounds pretty intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome Sonia. It’s quite good.

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