You’re going to want this one!

Paul D. Brazill

bothbarrels_finalcover-1024x735Here’s the SP from SHOTGUN HONEY:

‘I hope you’ve been saving your pennies, because today is the day. Today Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrelslaunches officially! I say officially because some of you discovered that the trade paperback  has been available since the weekend, kicking our sales off to an early start.

Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels features 29 tales of crime from 29 talented voices. Some who we’ve published and some who we had incriminating evidence on. Every story well worth the price of admission. We’ve got a little bit of everything with stories about abusive spouses, down on their luck gamblers, ill-fated drug deals and even some cyborg lesbian vampires thrown in for good measure.


And who brought you this range of stories?

  • Andrew Nette – King Tut’s Tomb
  • Cameron Ashley – The Blonde Chimera
  • Chris Holm – Not Forgotten
  • Dan O’Shea – Father’s Day
  • Frank…

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