Does Trestle Press Owe You Money?

Another quick chapter to the Trestle Press debacle. I was asked to try to find any other people Giovanni may have owed money to. If there is anyone out there that didn’t receive a check or may have received money smaller than the amount they expected email George Dent .

There has been a set back in the process to serving Giovanni. It could have been probably avoided if I remembered to tell them that Giovanni isn’t his real name. What? That’s right. The man who runs Trestle Press uses a fake name, fake profile picture, and stolen art. Somehow my little army of friends had discovered not only his real name but an address back when the fiasco was still hot. I forwarded this info onto Joe Ed Morris and he has let his lawyer, George Dent, know about this new info. Now, they ask for any other info you can help them with, especially if you were a involved. So help them because helping them is helping all the indie authors.

-L .Vera


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