And here’s a slightly different approach that takes a less strident approach and acknowledges there are a lot of grey areas.


  1. What place hath reason in the dark workings of the mind of man?

    • Very little apparently.

      • I can see the initial surprise, and the natural reaction is a bit of anger, I guess. I just don’t like to see us be herded.

      • What constitutes ‘herding’ here?

      • Maybe the language is too strong, but everyone seems to jumping on the bandwagon posting about the evils of paid reviews. Following the herd?

      • I don’t really think that’s ‘following the herd’ so much as acknowledging that reviews you pay for don’t really have the same worth as reviews honestly offered.

      • Yeah, you’re probably right. I have a tendency to go against the grain. Get a lot of splinters that way. ;-P

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