And here’s a slightly different approach that takes a less strident approach and acknowledges there are a lot of grey areas.

Me, but better

What an angry shouty weekend it was. I’d planned to relax, do some writing, work on preparing some workshops that I have coming up. Instead I spent the whole time fielding phone calls, emails, and angry online comments. I’m sure you’ve all seen the allegations (and admissions) that several authors have used fake accounts to promote their own work and give bad reviews to the work of others. There has been outrage at this. It is seen as unequivocal Bad Author Behaviour. Having been put in the middle of it, I want to unpick some of what may or may not be seen as bad behaviour (all in an entirely personal capacity).

Using a fake name to review your own books – whether on Twitter, Amazon, or blogs. To me this is straightforwardly BAD. It misleads readers and is just a bit pathetic.

But how far does this go? Is…

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  1. What place hath reason in the dark workings of the mind of man?

    • Very little apparently.

      • I can see the initial surprise, and the natural reaction is a bit of anger, I guess. I just don’t like to see us be herded.

      • What constitutes ‘herding’ here?

      • Maybe the language is too strong, but everyone seems to jumping on the bandwagon posting about the evils of paid reviews. Following the herd?

      • I don’t really think that’s ‘following the herd’ so much as acknowledging that reviews you pay for don’t really have the same worth as reviews honestly offered.

      • Yeah, you’re probably right. I have a tendency to go against the grain. Get a lot of splinters that way. ;-P

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