My Problem With Zombies

L .Vera

Zombies. They’re everywhere. I’ve written perhaps . . . two stories about zombies. I thought that number would be higher, but compared to vampires, werewolves and any other creatures of horror, zombies usual involve character interactions. Zombies are rarely the main character and so you can easily paint circumstances and include other elements. There’s no real formula besides someone gets infected and others have to deal with it. But that’s not my problem.

The problems are with zombies themselves. I think they are a very flawed creature. Okay, vampires and others have flaws too but they all have strict formulas. Here are the basic formulas which can be tweaked or changed:

Vampires: Weakness to sunlight, silver, holy artifacts, garlic and/or virgins. They have super strength, super intelligence and can fly. Many can change forms from animals to a simple mist of air. They are sexy and can mesmerize a person with a stare or with some strange rape power, vampires have.

Werewolves: Weaknesses include silver, I think everyone hates silver, and  . . .well that seems to be it. They also tend to rip their clothes off during transformation, usually during a full moon. So they usually run around naked killing things. Fun night, I’m sure. They are super strong, super fast and gosh darn it people like them. Lately the also seem to be very buff in human form, and almost hairless.

Zombies: They are sick, infected and eat brains. Wait? Do they? Then they bite people and they in turn also become infected and in days the whole world is infected except like a handfull of people. Really?

Okay, so you see where this is going. First of all brains. Let’s talk about brains. It’s a lie. Zombies just eat anything with meat, always have and always will. I cannot recall a moment in a movie or novel where brains were eaten. I’m sure it has happened; but it’s got to be more of a delicacy. To me it looks like they like flesh and guts over anything else. There’s never a shortage of intestines being eaten in any zombie movie. Mant times the brains are intact, so is the whole head. Matter of fact, most zombies have a whole intact head. Any damage to the brain and they die. So on to my next point.

Zombies are those that only got bitten enough to turn and get the hell away. Otherwise they’d get completely devoured. We aren’t talking about vampires who can bite someone and vanish into the night leaving a warm human to slowly turn into a cold creature of the night. Zombies are hungry, like a mindless pack of wolves. So those that turn into a zombie must have gotten away after their first bite. Then they turn and slowly make their way to the crowd of zombies. Seems a bit unlikely. I think in most cases we’d find them locked in rooms, or held up in a quite place.

Now my biggest gripe. The infection spreads like a rumor of Justin Beiber being a lesbian. Really? Days and only a handful of people live. I personally write all my zombie stories either years in the future after the infection and/or a slow infecting virus. One where people, as a mass, have a chance. It’s not like the have super strength, or super anything really. They’re mindless diseased people. The only thing that gives them an advantage is numbers. It just makes more sense to me, of course I like to be as realistic as possible in any story even if I’m writing something already outrageous, like killer rabbits from outer space or something.

In conclusion, I still prefer a good zombie story over vampires and werewolves.



  1. A little all over the map with that one, no? Has someone been bitten, perhaps? 😉

    I agree with the brains issue. And I’m guessing the die-hard zombie fans would say that the zombies WANT to eat your brains, but getting to them is pretty hard (cracking the skull with your bare hands is hard no matter how hungry you might be) in comparison to, say, intestines. 🙂

  2. I find the zombie plague is usually described as spreading so fast it’s hard to imagine it ever attaining an equilibrium, ie. the whole world is infected, no humans are left for the zombies to eat, and then zombies would go extinct shortly after humans. No?

    • You’re right but it never ends that way but it should. Eventually there should be like a time limit when it’s safe again like a zombie half life or something.

      • I could go along with that! I think they used that in Shaun of the Dead.

      • I think you’re right that’s why they hold up In the bar.

  3. Zombies don’t eat brains. The will eat anything that doesn’t get up and run away. And yes if you’re bitten–well we have all seen Shaun of the Dead. To kill them you have to do major damage to the zombie’s brain.

    And in my day werewolves only changed during the full moon and some wanted to kill the love of their lives. That can be considered a downside–if you’re asking.


  4. I love all supernatural things. My first love was vampires, but in recent years zombies have come up to a solid 2nd in my liking. Fittingly enough, as much as I love vampires, my first published work is about… you got it…Zombies 🙂

  5. Well, think about this. If your brains get eaten, then you have no brains left. (Or at least less brains.) Then you are less intelligent. You might even say mindless. And zombies are mindless. And they make other people become mindless by spreading the infection- by devouring human flesh. So, stay with me here, zombies devour human flesh which contracts the disease and then the disease devours your brain and turns you into a brain-less (or mindless) zombie. Thus, they do eat your brains. Just in a roundabout fashion.

    Really though, it’s the disease that does the brain eating, so it’s the disease that wants to eat your brains. The zombies are just a convenient means of transportation.

    I’m sure there’s something poetic here about how zombies are always searching for something (brains) that they lack, but can never get it, instead always spreading the plague of brainless-ness, but I’m too tired to think of it right now.

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