I was browsing on Amazon and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just reviewed Women and Other Monsters by Bernard Schaffer. It is a collection of short stories. One of the stories was part of a larger work, Codename: Omega.  Well, what appears before me? The complete collection of Codename: Omega. And what else? It is free right now. What a coincidence.

“Is Omega here?” Amelie asked.  
Donovan held the office door open for her.   “Right downstairs.” 
She shivered slightly and took a deep breath.  “I cannot wait.”  
“Listen.  He just came back from a bad break overseas and he might be agitated.  Stay behind a little until I get him settled.” 
“Oui, Director.  Thank you again for having me.  I admire what you have done in such a short time, considering.” 
“Well, the spy business has always been so beneath you Americans.  ‘We do not read other people’s mail,’ no?  And now, you are the same as the rest of us.” 
Donovan smirked and said, “Maybe not exactly the same.”   
“Ah, this is true,” Amelie said.  “Even MI-6 does not have anyone like Omega.” 
“That’s because there is no else like him,” Donovan said.  “Trust me, I’ve looked.” 
Codename: Omega is the story of unstoppable superweapon, Sean Price.  He returns from the dead with incredible super powers in his country’s time of greatest need.
As an agent of the OSS, he can teleport behind enemy lines and kill Nazi’s with his bare hands.
As his powers grow and evolve, he comes to be able to do much more.
In the earliest days of Price’s career as an OSS operative, he battles Nazis, Aleister Crowley, and another super-human that will delight fans of WWII Kindle books.
Albert Einstein later teaches him to unlock the mysteries of time travel and go back into Adolph Hitler’s past to attempt to kill him prior to starting WWII.  The only caveat is that Wild Bill Donovan wants him to do it while Hitler is still a child.
Finally, Price ends his career with a new identity, that of an MI-6 agent.  Fans of James Bond Kindle books will instantly recognize this setting, taken from the pages of classic spy novels and spy thrillers as Sean Price travels the world to stop the CIA’s wicked MKUltra plot to contaminate Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine.  Price won’t be alone, as he teams up with a woman named Emily Watson who claims to be descended from some very peculiar prior residents of Baker Street.
Filled with historical intrigue, high-octane action and secret agent fun.  Codename: Omega is a collection of spy thrillers and spy stories that will appeal to readers who love WWII kindle books and James Bond.
I wasted no time in snatching this!  Rest assured, I’ll be reviewing it too.
To read my review of Monsters and Other Women by Bernard Schaffer go here.


  1. I checked it out, but grabbed it the other day. Thanks for the heads up anyway.

  2. Great! Maybe we can finally tag team one!

  3. Thanks for the heads up, via a retweet from Karen Cote. I just got my copy. Was shocked to read in Brenard’s bio he was stripped of his detective status after the success of his novel ‘Superbia’. That one must have had more than a hint of truth in it. Might have to buy that one too. 🙂

    • Hi Wendy. It took courage to risk so much. Bernard’s writing is very good and he can sure wring the emotions out of you.

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