Aignos Publishing seeks Hispanic Authors

Taken from their website:
We are currently seeking books in the areas of General Nonfiction, Crime Fiction, Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, and World Literature. We have a particular interest in Hawaiian and Hispanic authors, but are open to writers of all backgrounds. We accept novel manuscripts, short story collections, essays, and theatrical works. We are seeking authors with at least one previous publishing credit, whether it be in newspapers, magazines, short stories or previous novels. We will consider unpublished authors, but they will not be our main focus. We currently can only accept English and Spanish submissions.
1) The book has to be complete and assembled when submitted.
2) Send three chapters via email to If the book is a collection of short stories, send the first three stories. If the work is a play, send the first three scenes.
3) The first page of your submission should include your name, email address and phone number, followed by a synopsis of your work (500 word minimum).
Notes: Stumble upon this locally through facebook. I, also being hispanic, don’t see many opportunities for hispanics that doesn’t involve heavy latino culture in the stories, which I never found interesting. Here they are simply looking for hispanic or Hawaiian authors who have a finished book or novella.
-L. Vera


  1. Hi Luis. Did you submit something?

    • i got nothing polished yet. Too many unfinished manuscripts laying around on my computer, nothing completed. 🙂

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