From Going Bad to Worse

More short stories. I love these. Quick reads that pack a wallop.

Some of these tales are like flash fiction while some are longer. All are dark, twisted and shocking.

It starts off with Searching, a search for a missing girl, this story lets you know what you’re in for.

The people are diverse, a thieving grandson, trans bashers, rapists, debt collectors and bad  priests, nobody you really want to know.

The author managed to catch me on many of these. You’d think being so short, I would see the end coming, but with some of them, I didn’t. That’s the fun thing about this collection.

I especially liked Let’s Dance and Watching, but this collection of urban noir with a Brit flavor has something for everyone. I didn’t “meet” a story I didn’t like in Gone Bad.

Got to warn ya, these stories are all too real and come from the dark underbelly of humanity. They are nail-biting, cringe at the thought tales. Nothing warm and cuddly here.

About Julie Morrigan

Variously described as a crime writer, Brit Grit writer–and even “the new queen of urban noir”–Julie’s short stories have been printed in respected publications such as Bullet, Out of the Gutter, and Blink Ink, and online at such venues as A Twist of Noir, Thrillers Killers & Chillers, Powder Burn Flash, Pulp Metal, At the Bijou, and Darkest  Before the Dawn.

Julie’s first short story collection, Gone Bad, and her first novel, Convictions, were met with acclaim from readers world-wide–both appeared in the Gift Magazine readers survey for the best books of 2011, while Convictions was voted as one of the top five books of the year by crime and thriller fans at the Crime Fiction Lover website.

2011 also saw the publication of Julie’s latest novel, Heartbreaker(the thrilling story of the excess, betrayal, and guilt behind an English rock band), short story collection, The Writing on the Wall(a collection of weird and spooky tales guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine) and a new anthology of crime shorts entitled Show No Mercy. Julie’s next title will be Darke, a novel about a stage magician who has sealed a satanic pact. The stakes are high, there’s everything to play for, and there’ll be the Devil to pay if the game is lost.

Got to get me some of these. To purchase these books, just click on the images.



  1. Spot on. Beaut collection.

  2. Thanks Paul. Just started reading Bloodstains on the Wall by Mike Dennis. Looks like another late night for me.

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