Death Head Grin Looking For Submissions

Publication: Death Head Grin

Theme: Horror


Flash fiction – 1000 words or less.
Short stories – 1001 to 7000 words.

Reprints: Accepted

Multiple Submissions: Two at the most.

Payment: Exposure only

Notes: If you want publishing credits this is a great place to start. I have two pieces published by them and actually looking back I have a 100% acceptance with them. I usually toss a story that I can’t publish anywhere else. They are also slowing growing, breaking into publishing and raising money for other efforts. Got something old or a reprint that you want more exposure to, send it to Larry at Death Head Grin.

Btw, we are also looking for horror pieces here at AKAQ for Halloween. So it wouldn’t hurt to submit them to us and them.

-L. Vera


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