An Interview with The Flashy K. M. Indovina

L. Vera: K. M., a new upcoming author, that I’m thrilled to have on AKAQ.

K. M. Indovina: Thrilled to be here. AKAQ has quickly risen to being a great, informative little hangout in this corner of the web. Is using the term web too dated? I never know what the cool kids are saying, anymore.

L. Vera: So tell me, what one incident could you tie with yourself to being a writer.

K. M. Indovina: Hmmmm. This past December, I had to move from a house to a one bedroom apartment. The move itself is not extraordinary; I’ve moved about seventeen times since I moved out of my parents’ house as a teenager. When you move about every six months or so, you develop spartan ideas about what has value and what one can do without. I realized I was lugging around two trunks full of old notebooks under the pretense that someday I might need something in one of them for a future story.
After a quick perusal that resulted in much shame and horror, I threw it all out. It was probably at least fifty pounds worth of paper, every page full from top to bottom with fevered scribbling, full of the starry eyed desperation of a bewildered girl trying so very hard to produce a cross between Hamlet and Pee Wee’s Playhouse.
It was a much needed exorcism. But one that highlighted the futility of trying to deny the fact ink rather than blood runs through these veins.

L. Vera: I’ve read your work, and find it very vivid and free. How would you describe it?

K. M. Indovina: Thank you. Your description is one way of putting it. 🙂
Words and images culled from the edge of a madness whose ground lies on a faultline between a romantic heart and a cynical disdain for all of reality.
Or maybe just wacky? I try and let people know that I don’t write with a specific goal or genre in mind. I just sit down and let the characters and situations do their thing.

L. Vera: Your flash fiction piece, The Oatmeal Galaxy is featured in Flashy Shorts. Just the title was already amazing enough for me to to read your piece. Tell me what was the process of writing the piece and how you came up with the title?

K. M. Indovina: I saw there was a contest due that day and sent the first thing that came out of me.
That’s true, but I guess a little unfair. I saw the contest- I think thanks to AKAQ. I stared at the ceiling and the spoon the little girl uses popped into my head. The rest of it was a logical progression. Girl uses spoon to eat oatmeal. What does the oatmeal look like? etc.

L. Vera: Also what should we see in the future and where can we find more of your pieces?

K. M. Indovina: Coming up is a collection of action/adventure/horror stories from pulp publisher Pro Se Books. You can find a piece of speculative horror historical fiction in Dark Moon’s anthology ZOMBIE JESUS AND OTHER TRUE STORIES this Fall. A free story at Shotgun Honey. A love letter (of all things) at Infective Ink. And I have a top secret project that may be published under a pen name. It might involve the German Reformation, mermaids, and sassy French witches, among other sundry topics.

Find K. M. Indovina’s Novel The Definitive Guide To Rochester New York on Amazon and check out her Blog on WordPress.


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