Interview: Ruth Jacobs

Tell us about In Her Own Words:

To say it’s the transcription of an interview with a London call girl would be the short answer, and an honest one. But it’s so much more than that. Q, the woman interviewed, was so brutally honest about how she really felt, what she thought and believed about herself, her life, society, sex, men and other subjects too. The transcription is completely unedited, leaving every broken sentence and pause. I think this is essential in getting her words across as honestly as she spoke them.

The trauma of her childhood sexual abuse isn’t mentioned in the interview but I think it’s essential that it be known, as 75% of prostitutes have suffered sexual and physical abuse as children. She was also pimped on the streets at the age of fifteen. After escaping her pimp, she carried on working becoming a call girl in London. She was one of the most beautiful people I have ever known, inside and out. The damage to her soul and her spirit comes through in her words. There are contradictions from which it is clear she tries to make herself believe certain things about her work, and then moments later in another sentence she gives an opposing statement. This is how a woman working in prostitution manages without falling apart. There is blog post about this denial written by a friend of Q’s at which I think will enlighten people who don’t understand what those contradictory statements are about and where they come from.

How did you get involved in transcribing her story?

I was undertaking research into prostitution, and at the time, in 1998, most books on the subject were not written by prostitutes themselves. I wanted to have firsthand information, so as well as reading quotes from prostitutes in other publications, I decided to interview women who worked as prostitutes. I video interviewed three call girls, and one of those, I fully transcribed. That one was with Q, who was a very dear friend and sadly, she died quite recently. This is the reason I decided to donate all the royalties from the publication to a charity that helps women exit prostitution. The charity I have chosen is Beyond the Streets

Ideally how would you like people to respond to this project?

I want people to view women who work as prostitutes as real people, with real feelings, who do not deserved to be shamed or looked down on. I want to change the stigma society has against women who work as prostitutes. Most (75%) have been sexually and physically abused as children. 67% have posttramatic stress disorder. 70% have experienced multiple rapes. These women do not need to be shamed and judged by society. They deserve help to exit prostitution when they want to, and research at Object  shows that 9 out of 10 women in prostitution would like exit if they could. I would like this short book to dispel the ‘happy hooker’ myth, as I also hope to achieve through the fictional series of novels I am writing, Soul Destruction. Q was one of those so-called ‘happy hookers’ but when you read her words, her pain and suffering is obvious. It goes back to that denial, which XLondonCallGirl explains on her blog. I want people to understand the psychological and emotional damage caused by working as a prostitute, and socially, how it effects relationships with family, friends and men, and how prostitutes feel isolated and apart from the rest of society.

What’s your own writing background?    

I started writing at around thirteen years old. I wrote depressing poetry then, which I don’t think was particularly good, but it was what was going on in my head at the time. At sixteen, I begun writing a novel, which I picked up over the years, read again, deleted the majority of what was written, and rewrote it, many, many times over. A few years ago, I started writing another novel, but it was too personal and I had to give it up. In 2010, I wrote Soul Destruction, the first novel I have ever finished, and that was inspired by Q.

What are your writing plans for the future?

I have a whole series planned for Soul Destruction. I was just beginning the second in the series when I decided to start the blog. I didn’t want to publish that novel on the blog in case it spoiled the chances of it being published traditionally, which is why I started the spin-off to Soul Destruction, with Soul Destruction Diary. I would also like the diary to be a series as well. I recently wrote a short story, Protection, which has been published on Near to the Knuckle, and I hope to write some more shorts in the future.

Where can people find out more on the web about you and about In Her Own Words?

My website is

I’m on Facebook

There’s a Soul Destruction Facebook page

I can be found on Twitter

And there’s a Soul Destruction trailer on YouTube which closely relates to In Her Own Words… Interview with a London Call Girl
“In Her Own Words… Interview with a London Call Girl” is 77p to download from Amazon UK at  & 99c to download from Amazon US at It’s also available worldwide. All royalties are being donated to Beyond the Streets, a charity helping women exit prostitution.


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