Buy This Book Bundle For 2 bucks

Main package ($2 minimum):
* 4 Funny Detective Stories – Starring Maynard Soloman – Benjamin Sobieck
* Banal – Vincent Zandri
* Cleansing Eden: The Celebrity Murders (Groupees Edition) – Benjamin Sobieck
* Kick It with Conviction – McDroll
* The Noir Issue – Black Heart Magazine
* Wild Bill – Dana King
$250 Goal:
4 Odd Crime Stories – Benjamin Sobieck

$500 Goal:
Maynard Soloman Legalizes Gay Knot Tying – Benjamin Sobieck
$1,000 Goal:
Montreal Stories – Laura Roberts
$2,000 Goal:
Maynard Soloman Takes the Bus to a Strip Club – Benjamin Sobieck

Notes: $2 buys you a lot of stories here. I don’t see why anyone couldn’t drop $2 buck here, hell you should at least donate $5 or $6, its worth it.


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    You pay what you want!

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