Soul Destruction by Ruth Jacobs

In preparation for the launch of her book, Soul Destruction, novelist Ruth Jacobs embarks on a new blog. The blog – Soul Destruction Diary – is written in the voice of Nicole O’Connell, Shelley Hansard’s closest friend in the first book.

Nicole, a call girl from London, travels to Sydney, Australia, in the hope she will break her heroin habit. The diary charts Nicole’s time there – the numerous people she meets and the situations, some dangerous and life threatening, in which she finds herself. Within days of arriving, she meets a fellow junky, Lorna, and is back on smack. Lorna appears on the outside to be a good friend to Nicole, but there are things about Lorna, Nicole is yet to learn. Mickey, who Nicole meets at Manly Beach, falls in love with her. But can he save her from Lorna? And most of all, can he save her from herself?

Ruth Jacobs comments, “My plan is to write and publish between three to seven new blog posts each week for the next few months on Each will be a short diary entry and once complete, the diary will form a new novel.”

The book will form part of the Soul Destruction series, the first of which follows Shelley Hansard, a crack-psychotic, heroin-addicted, London call girl who gets the opportunity to take revenge on a client who raped her.

Sophie Lambert, Director at Tibor Jones & Associates ( says, “I can’t help but be incredibly impressed by Ruth’s frankness and honesty and the clear passion with which she writes.”

Jane Frankland, The Go2 Expert, ( who encouraged Ruth to promote herself and her novels through blogging says, “Ruth has drawn much from a dissertation she undertook on prostitution. She spent time, and undertook interviews, with three call girls. One of these interviews has been transcribed and is available on her blog.”

Ruth adds, “Recent times have seen prostitution glamorised by the media. That at least 75% of prostitutes have been sexually and physically abused as children is the reality. 70% of prostitutes have experienced multiple rapes. At least 67% of prostitutes meet the criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder. These are the facts and they are far from glamorous.”

The Soul Destruction novel and diary tell it as it is – soul destroying. Ruth’s writing is gritty, her characters are real and accessible, her stories are well told, and each blog will leave you wanting more. Ruth is enjoying great reviews since launching and is currently seeking representation from a literary agent or interest from a publisher. She can be contacted at



From a press release from a representative of Ruth Jacobs.

-L. Vera



  1. Wishing you great success with this Ruth. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jane, and thank you so much for your guidance and support.

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