It Could Happen!

I really love reading books about Bigfoot or Sasquatch. Part of it stems from wondering if they could or do exist.

I’ll tell you this much, I wouldn’t want to meet up with ones you will meet when you read Bigfoot Hunters by Rick Gualtieri.

It has all the elements of a great horror novel. Crazed Sasquatch’s bring down their murderous rage upon an unsuspecting and unprepared small, isolated town. You also have a mixed group of antagonists who are not going down without a fight.

Rick has a unique idea with his book. Part of it is written from the point of view of the Sasquatch. You get a sense of what he is thinking, and it does not look good for any humans they encounter.

As for the characters, some I liked, some I wanted to slap silly, and some I felt got their just desserts. Don’t get too attached to any of them, they can’t all survive this horrific tale.

I loved this book. I almost had a sense of deja vu while reading it.

If you have ever seen


you will know what I mean. It just oozes foreboding. I could just picture Lance Henriksen in the book.

Rick has also written a humorous series about Bill the Vampire with the third book releasing soon. To purchase these and other books by Rick Gualtieri just click on the images below.

For more about the author and his books:


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