Short and Sweet?

I have great respect for authors who write short stories. Compressing so much detail into a quick, compelling story takes true talent.

L. Vera tells this story in a unique way, as personal diary entries, and I really enjoyed it. Well written and easy to follow, it is, literally, the diary of a madman.

The author’s choice of cover art is perfect. After all, it is a diary.

Todd Casil’s life is spiraling out of control. Experiencing episodes of missing time, he begins to question his own sanity when he discovers missing pages in his personal diary and entries he did not make. Who is killing the people around him, and why does he keep seeing green eyes?

Pulled into Todd’s life, I began to dread the conclusion that was racing towards me as I turned each page. You will too.

Also included are two bonus short stories.

I Hate Every Beautiful

This story will make you ask yourself whether you believe in coincidence or fate. The lives of 6 people are about to converge in a min-blowing final scene. The author knows how to wrap up an ending!


Henry awoke to find himself lying on the floor of his apartment. His attempt at suicide was a failure, just like his life.

An emergency broadcast on the TV warns everyone to stay indoors. Darkness has descended on the planet and there is something in it.

Now Henry must decided if he wants to live or die.

Open this book and prepare yourself for a gut-wrenching, edge of your seat buffet. L. Vera wastes no words, keeping these stories short and sweet. Well, maybe not sweet.

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