How I Got 10,000 Followers on Twitter or How To Use Tweepi

-by L. Vera

One word can pretty much sum it up Tweepi.

Here’s my twitter history. I started “tweeting” in Feb. It wasn’t my first time on twitter, before I had a character from my book, Diary of a Madman (which will be free this weekend), tweet his kills. That small experiment was fun, but I still didn’t have my own personal account. Once I decided that I wanted to release Diary of a Madman as a book, I thought that I needed somehow to help get the word out. I amassed about 100 followers shortly, mostly dedicated readers and a couple of random people. Six months later I manage 10,000 followers.

I can’t remember how I stumbled on Tweetpi, but when I did I didn’t really understand what I stumbled upon. 

I stumbled on the holy grail of twitter websites. Now, many people don’t like this method. They want “quality followers”. Well, who’s to say who isn’t a quality follower. Out of the 300 people I follow a day using this program, I find many quailty followers, way beyond just sitting down and expecting them to find me. And to tell you the truth, the ones that friend me without me following them, tend to be useless. They don’t mention me, they don’t retweet me, they don’t really talk to me. They feel more like virtual stalkers then quality followers. Now, the ones I’ve interacted with, some just saying “Thanks for the follow” I’ve built relationships from a simple “No prob.”

I have 10,000 followers. When I post a tweet, I get at least 20 clicks. I’ve tested it using affiliate tracking links and simple visit counters. Do you get that many? I ran those test back when I had 6,000 followers, who knows how well those links do now.

Tweepi is easy to use. I suggest signing on and quickly start by using the Follow Tweeps pull down and clicking on @user’s followers. This will bring you to the page where you can fill in a person’s twitter handle and get a chance to follow their followers. I suggest using, @inkmuse or @randomhouse for bloggers. Basically choose a popular twitter account that has the followers that would follow you, someone similar to what you tweet/ post about.

Then list them by last tweet, I fell like this short’s out the quiet/stalker tweeps. Then click the top, most active tweep and then go down to about maybe a couple of days. I like 10 days, but originally choose smaller amount like 2-3 days. Hold shift and click the last one, it will highlight everyone in-between.

Then click Follow. They get queued and after you go to the next page or just wait a bit, they all get followed. Normally you can only see 20 at a time unless you tweet a little link to tweepi and they give you 20 more a page. You can also purchase a version that sorts them a whole lot better, but I find the free version adequate.

That’s it. At first you should keep your following to between 100-200, until you hit around 2000. Then you need to use the flush the unfollowers section, to get rid of those that don’t follow you. I do this at least once a week. Then start over. I wasn’t to crazy about doing this everyday, but maybe dedicating every other week to reaching a new number would help. As your followers grow, it seems that people start to find me on their own now. It could be because of my short stories on the web, or because how popular AKAQ has gotten, but I find I need to use tweepi less and less.




  1. You should post a warning about doing things in automated fashions like this. Your strategy is a good one, but you don’t make it clear that you have to do things very carefully or essentially be punished by twitter.

    Twitter monitors “aggressive following” and “aggressive unfollowing” (or “churning”), and once they mark you, they put severe limits on your ability to follow new people and may even suspend your account.

    Key issues:

    2000 follows is a red light for twitter: make sure you don’t get to that unless you have very close to that many followers. Once you are 2000+, you can only add a % above that in follows.

    If you are blocked by twitter, you have to wait for days or more until you can really starting using Tweepi again.

    Bottom line: really try hard to keep your follow/follower ratio around 1, especially as you get near 2000 follows.

    This is important information and can save a use a lot of grief and maybe even their account.

    Twitter HATES things like tweepi. This is from the twitter website:

    “Using Third Party Applications to “Get More Followers Fast!”
    You may encounter websites or applications claiming they can help you get lots of followers quickly. These programs may ask for payment for followers, or ask you to follow a list of other users in order to participate. The Twitter Rules addresses the use of these programs by disallowing:

    Using or promoting third-party sites that claim to get you more followers (such as follower trains, sites promising ‘more followers fast,’ or any other site that offers to automatically add followers to your account).
    When you give out your username and password to another site or application, you are giving control of your account to someone else. They may then post duplicated, spam, or malicious updates and links, send unwanted direct messages, aggressively follow, or violate other Twitter rules with your account. When these applications do add followers to your account, they are often abandoned or bot accounts that are not reading your updates. If a third-party application causes your account to violate the Twitter Rules, your account may be suspended.

    Some third-party applications have been implicated in spam behavior, fraud, the selling of usernames and passwords, and phishing. Please do not give your username and password out to any third-party application that you have not thoroughly researched.”

    Further reading:

  2. excellant comment. Quality over quantity anyday

    • But who’s to really say what quality accounts are anyways. There’s no way to figure that out. Nothing wrong with saying hello to someone new.

  3. I just started with tweepi about a week ago, and my site traffic has gone up by around 30%.
    However, my account was temporarily blocked because of “aggressive following”, so the advice needs to be to stick to no more than X follows per day (about 50, I’ve heard mentioned elsewhere), but also bear in mind the 2000 barrier as mentioned in the earlier comment.

    One other thing – I just got an email from Twitter saying they’ve reset my password because of a third party site, and I’m guessing tweepi might be the culprit. Anyone else had this too?

    • cant say ive had that issue. But i think the 50 a day might be proportioante to how many you already have. I use to do like 1000 a day and neer got blocked.

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