New Release: Solarcide presents Nova Parade

Download the FREE anthology here Solarcide presents – Nova Parade (click to open or right click and ‘save as’)

Alternatively, you can download Nova Parade, or read it online, at Mediafire, or view online at Issuu.

Nova Parade is a festival of theatrics. An offering to two of the great powers of art, tragedy and comedy. This anthology is a twisted helix of stories that will lead you on a journey through many strange landscapes. It will introduce you to characters you will adore, and to characters that will appall you.

These are stories to be read beneath a dying sun.

There are ghosts. Monsters. There are jesters and there are nightmares.

There’s sex, drugs, and there’s violence.

Horror and hilarity, bizarro and sci-fi and all kinds of trangressive voodoo.There’s a whole lot of great fun. This collection will wound you, but hey, then it will make you laugh. It’s a NOVA PARADE, BABY!

Let’s ride this carnival all the way to the sun.

Let’s kill the bastard!


Richard Thomas – On A Bent Nail Head
Martin Garrity – Walking On Water
Bryan Howie – Tides
Bradley Sands – Giant Monster Attack!
Nathan Pettigrew – Today Our Future Is Born
Tony Rauch – That’s Where Your Real Parents Live
Rebecca Jones-Howe – Blue Hawaii
Andrez Bergen – An Octopus’ Grotto Is His Castle
Jessica Taylor – Just A Man
Paul D. Brazill – Catch As Catch Can
Chris Lewis Carter – Kill Screen
Amanda Gowin – Charlotte & Jolene: How To Make A Baby
Michael Paul Gonzalez – Ingénue
Jason Lairamore – Jack?
Jay Slayton-Joslin – Awkward Mornings Beat Long Lonely Nights
Chester Pane – Dreadlocks™
Joshua D. Moyes – A Stronger Family
Nikki Guerlain – King Neptune Sucks Off The World’s Largest Potato!
Caleb J. Ross – Vertigo Unbalanced
Phil Jourdan – Vomit As A Talent
Laurance Kitts – Poetry
Clint Rhodes – ATTN: Human Resources
Dakota Taylor – A Day In The Life
Jeremy Robert Johnson – The Brilliant Idea
W. P. Johnson – Cold Heart


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