Paper Back Swap : My Favorite Book Swap Site

Paperback Swap is an awesome website. Basically after posting 10 books, of your own onto the site, you get 2 free books.

Now the selection is limited. But you can put 200 books on a wish list. So every now and then I’ll get an email saying “Wish Granted”. Usually I have some pretty expensive books on my list and every now and then, the wish gets fulfilled. The last book I got was Final Crisis on hardback. My most surprising package held a book from Jeff Lindsey, Dexter In The Dark, hardback and signed.

So if someone wanted a book from your list, you send it and get a credit. I’m already at the point where I’ve stopped adding books and pay the regular credit fee of $3.95. It’s just easier for me and I’ve already got rid of all the books I don’t want anymore.

Just be prepared to visit the post office a lot. The first month I started this program I mailed 10 books in a month. You pay the postage, so every book could range between 2-3 dollars. So I spent around 20 dollars the first month but easily got books worth more than that. So I suggest putting books you don’t want and maybe books other people might not want as well.

You also get a free credit for every person you get that signs up. So click my linky and enjoy expensive books at a cheap price. I do.

-L. Vera


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