Review: Speed Loader – Buy It Or I’ll Punch You In The Face

by L. Vera

Okay, so I get many books for free, but I would have easily paid five times the amount for this book. (5 times .99 not 5 times 0) It’s that good. So far I’d say it’s the second best book I’ve read all year. Dig Ten Graves would still be number one. But Speed Loader was just a damn good compilation. There are only six stories but each one brings its craziness to the surface.

First off, Nigel Bird’s “You Dirty Rat”. It’s a attention stealer, I could not put the story down. I love the length and the complexity, it’s an overall great and polished read. It’s a story about a man who was brave enough to do the right thing – revenge an unnecessary wrong. It really spoke to me, since I was always told I had a Superman complex. Only if I was as brave.

Secondly, W. D. County “Plastic Soldiers”. It’s a story that may be a little hard to swallow. The subject is dark, not a little dark but straight up dark. It’s about kids who are stolen and there souls are sold to pedophiles and perverts for money. One child’s only solace is his plastic soldiers. It’s emotional and deep. This is the first story I read of County’s work. (Which I’ve regretted) and will definetly look forward to others.

“Cuffs” was also a great read. What happens when a normal joe is pulled over by a crazy cop? This happens, and boy does this story make me hate cops even more. It’s a crazy and twisty ride, which is worth the price of the book alone.

These two stories alone are the best out of the book. The rest also kept my attention, but I think just having the book start off with those two stories, made me want to keep reading the others. I read the whole book in two days. The only other story I want to talk about is Johnathon Woods “Crash & Burn”. It’s a story which has a good mix of complexity. It has many stories weaving in and out, characters moving and interacting slowly with each others world’s and it’s done nicely. I always ask for more complexities in stories, which is something different from the linear path amateur writers use – Woods is no amateur. I did think he got a tad carried away and could have used one less character, but still pulls off a nice long story, the perfect story to end the book with.

If you buy this book and tell me it’s not great, I’ll punch you in the face. Don’t even think of trying it either, I workout. 🙂

Buy Speed Loader on Amazon:

UK for 77 pences.

U.S.A. for 99 cents.



  1. That would be 77 pence, as in pennies. £77 is a lot of money, as opposed to £0.77 😉

  2. I wish it had been me. The story ‘Plastic Soldiers’ was among my Top 5 reads from last year and credit has to go to W.D. County (I’m afraid). It’s fantastic. Thanks for the review. Well worth the pennies. 🙂

    • Your story was just as brilliant and I can’t bileve I didn’t mention it. I’ll fix that sometime today.

  3. By the way, I bought it, so no punches please. Great title.

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