We’re Alive – The Best Free Zombie Radio Show Out There

Been hooked on this awesome radio show, We’re Alive. It’s free and already has millions of listeners.

It’s about these soldiers who are called in during “rioting” but it turns out to be an all-out, brain eating zombie buffet. After they kill loads of zombies at the base and load up on guns, they find some other survivors and hold up at an apartment complex. There with the help of other survivors they turn it into a refuge, only to find more issues, struggles and heartbreak.

There’s zombies at every corner and if that isn’t bad enough, there’s also a bunch of prisoners staying at the mall and they hate it when you take something from their territory. It’s mad dash for tools, supplies and everything keeps running out. It makes you wonder what you would do in the same situation.

It’s a great radio show with incredible actors and top notch sound effects. Just listen to the first clip, and try not to get hooked.

We’re Alive available on iTunes and Zune, and on MP3.

-L. Vera



  1. I have to leave a comment and thank you for the blog. My fifteen year old son, is a zombie efficianado! He loves anything and everything zombie related and is constantly looking for more stuff. So thanks again for the tip and he’s already taking your advice!

    • Yeah, I made the mistake of letting my 8 year old niece listen to it. Forgot all the crude languages. She still wanted to hear more after I turned it off.

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